Rustic barn door shutters in a living room.

Are Sliding Barn Doors Still In Style?

August 13, 2021

Sliding barn doors gained popularity as part of farmhouse home design. But after nearly a decade of rustic decor, are sliding barn doors still in style? The good news is that this trend has continued to evolve. Sliding barn doors and barn door shutters are still going strong and make an excellent addition to your home if you want stylish, versatile doors and window treatments.

Farmhouse style barn door shutter in a bedroom.

Sliding Barn Doors Fit Many Decor Styles

Sliding barn doors may have started with farmhouse decor, but that’s not their only use. Sliding barn doors and barn door shutters come in many custom options that make them suitable for all kinds of decor. Today, you’ll find finished wood, metal, or glass doors with panels, cut-outs, glass panes, or mosaic patterns that match many contemporary interior designs. You can then further customize your door with a paint or stain color and hardware to match your decor.

If you don’t want a rustic sliding barn door, avoid wood plank and “Z” or “X” doors that look like they really came off a barn. Instead, look for a polished wood door for a mid-century-style home or a sleek black door with glass panes for modern decor. Or try a metal door for an industrial look or go more elegant with an intricate mosaic wood door and black hardware. With so many ways to create the look you want, your sliding barn door will always be in style. 

Glass panels within a sliding barn door.

Sliding Barn Doors Are Easy To Use Anywhere

Sliding barn doors and barn door shutters do more than just look cool. They are incredibly functional as well. Because they are lightweight and glide along their tracks with little resistance, everyone can easily use them. Sliding barn doors save space, too, because they don’t swing out into your room and don’t need to fit into your wall like a pocket door. Instead, they mount on the outside of the wall and only require enough wall space for you to slide the door and uncover the doorway.

Sliding barn doors work in nearly any doorway. You can use them for unique bedroom, bathroom, and office doors. Put a bi-parting door in a large opening to close off the dining room from the kitchen or living room. You can even install sliding barn doors in the middle of a large space to create a partition when you want to make two smaller areas. With so many uses, sliding barn doors will still be in style for many years to come.

White sliding barn door shutters on each side of a flat screen tv.

Barn Door Shutters Are Still In Style Too

Like sliding barn doors, barn door shutters are still in style because they make for attractive, versatile window treatments. Similar to plantation shutters, barn door shutters add an eye-catching architectural element to a room, especially when they match your door. Barn door shutters are durable and easy to open and close. They are opaque, so they block most outside light and provide privacy when closed. Or you can use them in unique ways, like covering a wall-mounted flat-screen TV.  

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