Barn doors over a couch

Design Tip: Use Barn Doors As Window Treatments

February 16, 2017

We've seen homeowners and interior designers use barn doors as an alternative for traditional doors. They can add a modern, rustic, or even an industrial touch to a room in an innovative way.

At Sunburst Shutters, we love the look of barn doors. So we expanded the use of a barn door by transforming it into a window treatment. And we're excited to share with you this design tip for using barn doors as window treatments in your home!

Transform Any Room With Beautiful Barn Doors For Windows

Whether you're looking to give new life to a room or simply want to accentuate the existing décor, sliding barn doors are the window treatment for you. We call them sliding barn door shutters.

sliding barn door shutters

You can easily customize the look of your sliding barn door shutters to match your taste. First, choose a barn door style: paneled shaker, plank, or stile and rail. Second, select a paint or stain for your barn door shutters. Our paints include Snow White, Barn White, Antique White, Barn Red, and Midnight Black. Our stains include Weathered Gray, Fruitwood, and Espresso. Third, pick your barn door hardware, wheels, and track color. Mix and match these options to create custom sliding barn door shutters that stand out as a masterpiece on your windows!

Sliding barn door shutters fit when there is space on both sides of the window for barn door panels to slide open. If there is not enough room, the barn doors will never fully slide out of the way, which will partially block your view.

How Barn Doors Slide Across Your Window

Your beautiful sliding barn door shutters are more than just aesthetically pleasing window treatments. They're also functional. Slide them open to frame the view outside. And slide them closed to get more privacy.

The wooden barn door panels have wheels bolted to them that roll along a track system attached to the wall above your window. At the bottom, a floor guide or wall guide ensures that the panels don't swing. So no matter how many times you open and close your barn door shutters, they remain stable and slide with ease.

Of course, if you want to use a sliding barn door in a doorway, we can do that too. The beauty of using barn doors as window treatments is that you can match the window treatments to the doors exactly - perfect for your décor.

Ask A Local Pro About Sliding Barn Doors For Windows

Ready to put this design tip into action? We have local professionals who are trained in installing sliding barn doors for windows. And they're happy to answer all of your questions and get you a free cost estimate. Use our store locator tool to find the Sunburst Shutters store nearest you and get started!