Plantation shutters in a bathroom

What To Put On A Bath Or Shower Window

May 18, 2018

You have one or more windows right above your bathtub, right outside your shower, or even inside the shower. So what do you do?

Leaving it uncovered isn’t a great idea, unless the glass is frosted and opaque. So what you need is the right bath or shower window treatment. We’ll help you narrow it down for your specific bathroom layout.

Plantation shutters in a bathroom 

Great Window Treatments Above a Bathtub

For bathtub windows, a window treatment should offer a few things:
  • Privacy — This should be obvious. You need to be able to completely block the view into your bathroom.
  • Ease of use — Whether you’re in the bathtub yourself or giving the kids a bath, it helps to be able to easily open and shut the window treatment.
  • Waterproof material — Water splashes, and steam rises from the tub – so you’ll want a window treatment that can handle a little moisture.

So what window treatment fits those criteria? Polywood® plantation shutters do, for one. The waterproof faux wood material makes splashes and humidity a non-issue, and the tilting louvers make it easy to balance lighting and privacy when you need both. The traditional solid colors of shutters also work well in bathrooms, where most of your color come from accent towels and other accessories.

Other faux wood products like faux wood blinds can work above the tub, too. But keep in mind that with some of these window treatments there might be parts like the pull cord that aren’t completely waterproof.

Be sure to stay away from most fabric window treatments like curtains, roman shades, or draperies in the bathroom. They tend to hold onto moisture and become musty very quickly.

Window Treatments For The Shower

Plantation shutters in a bathroom

Shower windows can be even trickier to find a window treatment that works well. In addition to privacy and waterproof material, you have to worry about the usually small or awkward size and position of shower windows, and how well they can let steam out.

Again, plantation shutters are a natural fit. They’re really the only window treatment that can simultaneously let light in, let steam out, and protect your privacy all at the same time. Apart from custom shutters, your options might be a little limited. Vinyl blinds or waterproof curtains can be a hassle to install since you’re forced to either go directly into the grout or tile, or use a tension rod or suction cups–both of which can easily slip out when it gets humid.

Plantation shutters in a bathroom

Window Treatments For Wet Rooms

A newer trend in more modern homes and redesigns is the wet room, which uses a combined space for the shower and tub, usually draining directly into the tile without an actual shower stall. Completely waterproof window treatments are essential here, because they will definitely be getting wet. Faux wood shutters are great here because you can open the actual glass window with the shutters closed to help them dry.

Faux wood plantation shutters

Take The Guesswork Out of Your Bathroom Windows

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