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How Long Do Window Treatment Trends Last?
March 9, 2021
How long do window treatment trends last? Some colored shades only last a few months, while more substantial treatments -- like Polywood plantation shutters -- can stay trendy forever.
Which Window Treatments Allow Light and Provide Privacy?
March 2, 2021
Are you looking for window treatments that allow light and provide privacy? Plantation shutters and sheers shades from Sunburst Shutters are smart choices for any home.
Interior Design And Window Treatment Trends For 2021
February 23, 2021
Say good-bye to 2020 and hello to a new year with these relaxing and convenient interior and window treatment design trends for 2021.
Why Install Top-Down/Bottom-Up Window Shades?
February 8, 2021
Most window shades lower from the bottom, but some also allow you to open them from the top. What are the advantages of a top-down/bottom-up window shade?
Best Minimalist Window Treatments
December 29, 2020
Minimalist design pairs simplicity with functionality. If thats the case, whats the best minimalist window treatments?
The Best Window Treatments For Each Window Type
December 22, 2020
Finding the right window treatment is challenging. These are the best window treatments for each window type you might have in your home.
How to Choose Window Treatments for Your Home
November 13, 2020
What do you need from your window treatments? Here is how to choose window treatments that do everything from insulating your windows to matching your decor.
Open Up Your Plantation Shutters To Let The Sunshine In
October 30, 2020
When you want to brighten your home, easy to open plantation shutters are the solution for more natural light.
Can I Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains?
October 23, 2020
If youre wondering if you should pair plantation shutters with curtains, here are a few pros and cons to consider.
4 Features For Your Home Renovation You Don't Want To Forget
October 14, 2020
Improving your home through a remodel or renovation is both fun and stressful. However, don't forget window treatments or other features for your home renovation.
Why Replace Your Window Treatments Before They Break
September 30, 2020
You may think that you shouldnt replace your window treatments before they break, but why wait?
How Different Faux Wood Plantation Shutters Compare To Polywood Shutters
September 15, 2020
Just because it says faux wood doesnt mean your shutters will be durable or energy-efficient. Heres the breakdown of all the different faux wood plantation shutters, and which one is the best.
Simple Ways To Boost Your Home's Resale Value
August 25, 2020
Here are some simple ways, like creating appealing outside areas and plantation shutters, to increase your homes resale value.
Office Improvements That Make Working from Home Easier
August 18, 2020
For some, working from home has become a way of life. Here are just some office improvements to make your work from home easier and more efficient.
How Window Treatments Can Make A Romantic Bedroom
August 6, 2020
Make a romantic bedroom getaway with the right bedding, accents, and window treatments. Plantation shutters or sheer shades can set a romantic mood.
Ways To Create A Beach House Style
August 4, 2020
Ever wonder how you can get that beach house style when you live nowhere near the beach. Start plantation shutters and move on from there!
Best Window Treatments for Your Business
November 21, 2019
The windows in your office or storefront can say a lot about your business. You can bolster your professionalism and your offices style if you use the right window treatments for your business.
The Best Window Treatments To Cover A Sliding Glass Door
November 18, 2019
Many people believe that the only way you can cover a sliding glass door is with vertical blinds, but is that the case? In fact, there are many more stylish window treatments for your sliding glass door.
October National Window Covering Safety Awareness Month
September 29, 2019
October is national window covering safety awareness month, check out these tips on keeping your window covering safe and childproof.
What Is A Luxury Window Treatment
August 16, 2019
In the design world, there are two types of window treatments: common coverings and luxury window treatments.