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Custom Shades

At Sunburst Shutters, we offer custom shades that fit your lifestyle. Our window shades come in an extensive variety and offer plenty of versatility, so you can pick the appropriate window treatment that offers your home or office the ideal level of opacity, energy efficiency, controls, range of color, and installation options to match your decor. Our custom shades are expertly designed and feature unique textiles, including plenty of woven fibers, woods, sheer chic, and fabrics. Plus, many of our shades can be motorized, so you can control your custom shades remotely.

Don’t settle for out-of-the-box window shades. Schedule your free in-home design consultation with Sunburst Shutters, and get custom shades and other high-quality window treatments that complement your home or office decor. Our design experts will help you choose the ideal custom window treatments that offer precisely what you’re looking for. Contact Sunburst Shutters today, and see how our custom-tailored window shutters, blinds, and shades can enhance your space.

Explore Our Custom Window Shades

From standard, full fabric roller shades to handcrafted woven shades, we offer the full spectrum of custom window shades at Sunburst Shutters. Choose from shades that offer the best energy efficiency, like our cellular shades (also known as honeycomb shades), or optimize your windows for the best light control with options like our sheer shades. Whatever you’re looking for, our Sunburst Shutters design specialists are happy to share their expertise.

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Blind vs. Shade: What’s the Difference?

Some people call them roller shades, and others call them roller blinds. While both blinds and shades cover your windows and prevent light from entering, there are some distinct differences between the two. Generally speaking, custom blinds feature slats that can be arranged either horizontally or vertically. Blinds typically incorporate a wand that allows users to open or close slats, and have varying degrees of thickness, opacity, and materials. Much like blinds, window shades also provide customers with the ability to control light, but shades are almost always horizontal window coverings, often in single pieces as opposed to individual slats. Whereas blinds may use aluminum or similar materials, traditional shades often rely on a softer fabric.

At Sunburst Shutters, we approach custom shades the same way we approach all of our window treatments. We offer our customers a variety of options, styles, control, levels of opacity, and more, all installed with care and expert precision by our professional crew.

Benefits of Custom Shades

With 7 unique types of custom shades to choose from, each with its own selection of features and options, you’re sure to find window shades that match exactly what you’re looking for. Our custom window shades offer:
  • A variety of styles, both translucent and solid, in a range of colors and textures
  • Improved energy efficiency, particularly with cellular shades 
  • Control over privacy and light
  • The ability to raise or lower window shades with traditional pull-cords, or go cordless
  • Motorized lift systems can be added to most of our custom shades, so you can raise or lower them remotely
  • Beautiful design and impressive style, particularly with transitional zebra shades
  • Add natural beauty to any room in your home or office with elegant woven shades

Sunburst Shade Opacities

a variety of shade opacities

Custom Window Shades Warranty Info

Our custom window shades come with a limited warranty protecting against all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Any cords and mechanisms are covered with a 3-year warranty, and fabric and motorization is covered with a 5-year warranty.

Window Shades Installation Process

Count on your local Sunburst Shutters experts to install your custom window shades to fit your window exactly and operate perfectly. Once you’ve chosen your custom shades, our local representative will build your shade and then call to schedule an installation when ready. On the day of your installation, we ask that you please remove any old window treatments and move any furniture out of the way. This will allow our professional installation crew to get started right away on installing your gorgeous custom window shades. Once installation is complete, our crew will ensure that everything is operating smoothly.

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Custom Shades FAQs

Both add charm and extra functionality to your living space. But there are some key differences between blinds and shades.

  • Operation: Blinds have slats that can be tilted open or closed to control light. Shades typically roll up or down in one piece.
  • Materials: Blinds are typically made of harder materials like wood, faux-wood, metal or plastic. Shades are made of softer materials like sheer fabric or woven materials.
  • Light Control: Blinds offer more precise, "on-demand" light control. Need more or less light? Tilt-adjust the slats. Shades come in various opacity levels, from light-filtering to blackout, but they don't offer the same level of adjustability.
  • Privacy: Both blinds and shades can provide privacy, but blinds can be adjusted to allow some visibility while still offering privacy.
  • View: When blinds are open, you can still see out the window through the gaps between the slats. With shades, you typically won't have a view unless the shade is completely rolled up.
  • Style: Blinds tend to have a more traditional look, depending on the material. But shades come in a wider variety of styles, including roller shades, roman shades, cellular shades and even motorized shades.
Window shades costs can vary greatly in price. There are more affordable options, such as traditional roller shades, or more expensive, high-style options, like our transitional zebra shades. The types of fabrics and other materials chosen, as well as motorization options, can add to the overall cost. Our Sunburst Shutters store offers a free in-home consultation to get an accurate quote on the shades and options you want.
Cleaning window shades can be cumbersome, depending on the style of shade chosen. For traditional types of shades, wiping with a dry microfiber cloth or careful vacuuming can help to keep them clean. Be careful to not get them wet.
All window shades can protect your home from the elements to some degree, but the amount of protection varies greatly depending on the style chosen. For the best energy efficiency and strongest ability to withstand heat, cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, are the best bet.
Roller shades tend to be the most popular style of shades due to their many options for opacities, fabrics, and solid splashes of color. Plus, roller shades can be easier to clean than other types of window shades and tend to be the more affordable window coverings. The next most popular would be cellular or "cell" shades.
Any shade with a room-darkening option will do a great job of keeping the sun out. When choosing your style of window shades, consider more solid materials with less opacity.

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