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Arhced shutters in different homes


For the curved, semicircular, and arched windows in your home, it can be tricky to find the right window treatment. Plantation shutters are custom built to the exact dimensions and curvature of your windows – guaranteeing a perfect fit, stylish looks, and total control over your home’s lighting.


Arched Shapes and Styles


Arched window shutters from Sunburst are custom made in the USA to fit the unique shape of your arched window with precision. Unlike other window treatments, including shades, drapes, curtains, and blinds, that will either cover up the arch of your window or won’t quite fit the curve of the arch, an arched plantation shutter accentuates this specialty shaped window, finishing the space with breathtaking splendor.

Accentuate The Look Of Your Arched Windows

Classic interior shutters are the only window treatment that lets you keep the unique curvature and stunning looks of your arched windows. With shutters, you don’t have to sacrifice and hide your window’s shape with any ordinary rectangular window treatment.

Total Comfort & Control

Shutters on arched windows are more than just decorative – they’re also some of the most effective window treatments at controlling light and temperature. With frames built exactly to your window’s dimensions, shutters can block out most of the light or give you all the sunlight you could want with the tilt of a louver. Polywood® plantation shutters in particular are the industry’s most energy-efficient window treatment, able to block more than 30% of the heat or cold transferred through your window.

Style To Last A Lifetime

Shutters have been mainstays of the home for centuries, and it’s easy to see why. Their expert construction, skilled craftsmanship, sharp lines, and decorative frames make them both stunning and versatile. Lasting longer than most other window treatments, as shades and drapes wear out or discolor, plantation shutters stand the test of time.

Most of our arched shutters come with a lifetime warranty on both the material and installation. Make sure to talk to your Sunburst installer for details on warranties for certain materials and finishes.

Customized Options

Choose from our wide selection of shutter materials, colors, louver sizes, frame styles for a look that best suits your home style and decor.

Expert In-Home Service & Installation

Your Sunburst Shutters representative will walk you through every step of getting arched shutters from the comfort of your own home. From bringing you samples to expert installation, we’ll provide you with the best home shopping experience the industry has to offer.

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