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When you're looking for new window treatments for your home, see why more people are choosing Sunburst's custom-made interior shutters over blinds, shades, or drapery. Our shutters give you ultimate control of light, temperature, noise, and privacy, and can fit any window shape or size. No matter what material you choose -- hardwood, reclaimed wood, or our popular Polywood® -- you'll love their beauty and durability. Our interior shutters are energy-efficient, easy to clean, and can blend into any decor style. Find out more about the best-selling plantation shutters in the U.S.


Find The Best Plantation Shutters For Your Home At Sunburst Shutters

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Sunburst’s interior shutters offer unparalleled beauty, light control, energy efficiency, and much more for every window in your home.

Find Custom Plantation Shutters For Every Room

Interior shutters, also called plantation shutters, are uniquely constructed to give you maximum benefits for your home. Their louvered panels and custom frames lend eye-catching architectural detail to your windows while seamlessly blending into your decor. And Sunburst’s shutters use only the best materials and craftsmanship for exceptional longevity and durability, so you can enjoy them for years to come.

Sunburst's interior shutters give you incredible control over natural light and privacy wherever you put them. If you want bright light or an unfettered view, swing the hinged shutter panels open. Then close them for complete privacy and near total darkness, or angle the louvers to redirect glare off your face or reflective surfaces. Closed shutters provide unrivaled insulation too. Their precise, solid construction eliminates most temperature transfer from windows and ensures extra savings on your energy bills.


Why Choose Sunburst’s Interior Shutters For Your Home?

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Because louvered shutters affix to your window, they become a permanent part of your home. They add to the look and comfort of your residence as well as its value. When your house is appraised for resale, your shutters increase its estimated market price. That’s why it’s so important to choose custom shutters that fit your home's specific look and needs.

Sunburst offers a wide variety of custom options to help you meet your window treatment needs and create the perfect look for your windows. Choose from timeless hardwood shutters or contemporary faux-wood shutters. Then pick from three sizes of louvers: wide and modern, narrow and traditional, or in-between and balanced. Enhance functionality with your preferred style of tilt rod and even add a divider rail for tall shutters. Finally, complete the look with one of our many beautiful frame styles. And, of course, we’re here to explain your options every step of the way.

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Polywood Interior Shutters

Fabricated from an engineered wood substitute, Polywood® interior shutters never warp, split, crack, or chip even in humid environments. Their gorgeous white finish is baked on with UV stabilizers to prevent fading or yellowing even in the sunniest windows. These elegant and durable shutters will grace your windows for decades and still look stunning.

No other window treatments can compare to Polywood shutters when it comes to energy efficiency. They act as an Insulating System because they are made with patented weatherstripping to protect your home from drafts and save on energy costs. Thanks to their lasting beauty and cost savings, Polywood shutters are a valuable investment for your home.

Ovation shutters inside a large dining room.

Ovation Hardwood Shutters

Our premium Ovation® hardwood shutters are built for durability and beauty. All parts are expertly crafted from solid wood, then kiln-dried and water-sealed for protection against moisture. We’re proud to offer the only five-star wood shutters on the market.

Wood shutters bring a special richness and warmth to your decor. They add a natural material to modern homes and authenticity to historic homes. With so many paints and stain options, you can easily find a color to match other wood elements in your home.

Reclaimed wood shutters above a blue couch

Reclaimed Wood Shutters

Enhance your rustic decor with reclaimed wood interior shutters. Sourced from buildings across the country, no two shutters are the same. Their natural weathering and color variations blend in with rustic or contemporary home decor and make for stand-out window treatments. Get yours custom-made to fit your windows.

White Studio shutters above a bed inside a bedroom.

Studio Interior Shutters

Sunburst has window treatments for every budget. Our builder-grade faux-wood Studio shutters give you incredible value. They have both visual appeal and durability. Put them in a house, apartment, or commercial space for attractive, long-lasting window treatments when you need more bang for your buck than you get with cheap window shades or blinds.

Answers To Your Plantation Shutter Questions

With so many window treatments out there, it’s important to know what makes each one different. Our interior shutters have many incredible features that make them stand out from the usual window shades and blinds and they add more value to your home.

The first thing you notice about interior shutters is their stunning appearance. Their straight lines and symmetry are universally appealing and add a unique texture to rooms otherwise full of soft furnishings. They become a permanent part of the room’s architecture and look equally traditional and modern.

Sturdy wood and Polywood shutters last longer than even the best quality shades and blinds. They don’t tear, bend, or break. Polywood shutters are particularly durable, resisting damage from moisture, extreme temperatures, pests, and UV rays. And they’re effortless to clean. Just dust or wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt and residues. Polywood shutters don’t stain, yellow, or grow mold and will look pristine for decades.

Louvered shutters give you more control over privacy and natural light than other window treatments too. Just adjust the louvers to find the perfect balance between privacy and light control. And unlike window treatments that loosely hang down from a bar, your shutter frame is installed around the window and prevents any gaps at the edges where people can see in or light shines through.

The excellent craftsmanship of Sunburst’s shutters also makes them more energy-efficient than all other window treatments. They block outside air that can alter your home’s interior temperature. Insulating Polywood shutters can prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer from your windows and help lower energy bills.

Your custom interior shutter project begins with a complimentary in-home consultation. One of our window treatment experts brings product samples to your home and demonstrates how they will look and work on your windows. After you make your selection, we take exact measurements of your window and make your shutters right here in the USA using the fine craftsmanship and materials we’re known for. Finally, we expertly install your shutters with careful precision to ensure they look and work correctly. At every step of the way, our team is here to answer all your questions.

Homeowners love how easy our louvered shutters are to use. Each shutter covers the entire window -- frames and all -- and is considered a permanent fixture to the house. To open the shutters, gently pull the panels toward you and to the sides. To close, just swing the panels back into the frame.
However, most people open and close the louvers to direct outside light. Just move the tilt rod up or down to adjust the louvers. If you have a hidden tilt rod, tip one of the louvers up or down, and the others will move with it. Opening and closing your louvered shutters give you total control over privacy and natural light in your home.

Do you have French doors or a sliding glass door? Not every window treatment works on doors with windows. Hanging window treatments like window blinds and shades can get in the way of door handles, and they swing and slap against the door when you use it, letting in light and causing annoyance. And cords can catch in the door.

Interior shutters solve these problems. Sunburst can design your custom shutters to have a cutout for your handles, so the shutters won’t interfere with the handle or vice versa. They attach securely to your door and won’t swing. You also don’t have to worry about cords getting caught in the door. And durable shutters won’t wear out from lots of bumps as kids and pets go in and out.

Louvered shutters do an exceptional job of stopping drafts and UV rays that come through your windows and alter your home’s temperature. Their solid materials are impenetrable to hot UV rays and cold drafts, and their parts close tightly to keep outside air out.

Sunburst’s Polywood shutters are the most energy-efficient. Their patented weatherstripping dramatically reduces temperature transfer from windows and insulates your windows up to 70% better than wood shutters and even more so than window blinds or shades. Furthermore, independent tests show that Polywood can block up to 30° and has a 45.96% reduction in heat transfer. This outstanding energy efficiency translates into a more comfortable interior home temperature and lower utility bills.

Our interior shutters make cleaning a breeze! Both hardwood and faux-wood shutters require just a quick dusting most of the time. For tougher grime, spot-clean wood shutters with a slightly damp cloth and follow with a dry cloth. Moisture-resistant faux-wood shutters can withstand a little more scrubbing. That’s why we recommend Polywood shutters for kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s rooms.
The shutter-building process begins when our shutter experts measure your window. Then, our factory will use state-of-the-art equipment to your window's exact dimensions. Factory technicians take each piece and hand-craft each panel to make sure that louvers tilt effortlessly and that specialty items, like rear-mounted tilt rods and arched frames, will last a lifetime. Finally, our installers will fit the treatment over your window and you're ready to enjoy your new window shutters. Everything on a Sunburst shutter is sourced and manufactured from the USA.

Your Interior Shutters Buying Guide

White polywood shutters in a dining room 

When you’re ready to buy interior shutters, Sunburst makes the process easy. We work with you at every step to ensure your custom shutters look and work the way you need.

Our Shutter Buying Process

The Sunburst shutters buying process starts with a free in-home consultation. One of our window treatment experts will come to your home to discuss what you need and want from your interior shutters. They will demonstrate our premium shutter products and show you the customization options available right in your home so you can picture how your shutters will look right where they’re going to go.

Once you know what you want, we measure your window’s dimensions and note the shape and angles of specialty windows. If you plan to cover additional windows later, we will keep all of your information on file for future orders.

We use cutting-edge computer software to design your custom shutters per your window’s measurements. Our US-based factory then uses that design to handcraft your shutters. When your shutters are ready, our shutter experts install your treatments with precision and care to ensure everything looks and works correctly. They open and close every part to double-check everything is right before leaving you to admire your brand new, custom shutters.

Create The Perfect Shutters For Your Home With These Customizations

Custom interior shutters mean more than getting a perfect fit. At Sunburst, we offer several options for personalizing your shutters so that they look and work the way you want them to. Depending on what shutters you choose, here are some customizations you can consider.

Polywood shutters in a blue room

Shutter Colors

Interior shutters come in several classics, neutral colors that easily blend in with your decor. Faux-wood shutters come in crisp white hues that go with anything. Or you can choose one of the dozens of wood stains or paint colors for hardwood shutters to match other wood and decorative elements in your home.

Polywood Shutter Louver Size

Louver Sizes

Shutter louvers come in three widths: 4.5”, 3.5”, and 2.5”. Wider louvers have a contemporary look and leave the largest spaces between open louvers for a better view. The narrowest louvers look good on smaller windows or in historic-style homes. And medium louvers look great on every window!

Shutters with traditional tilt rods

Tilt Rods

You use the tilt rod to move the shutter louvers up and down. A traditional tilt rod is attached to the front of the louvers, but you can also have it behind the louvers for a “hidden tilt rod” if you prefer that look. You can also get a split rod that comes in two or three pieces to allow you to adjust specific sections of louvers. Split rods work best on very tall windows.

Enhance Your Specialty Windows With Custom Shutters

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Specialty windows can pose a challenge to cover if you still want to see their lovely shape and open and close the window treatment. Instead of hiding your specialty-shaped windows behind a square window blind or shade, you can use louvered shutters built to the exact dimensions of your window. The shutter frame and panels are cut and installed to match the shape of your window instead of hiding it.

Best of all, all shutter parts remain operable for easy opening and closing. We offer several custom solutions for your trickiest windows so that they not only look great but work the way you need. Choose from louvered arches or sunburst arches for arched windows, square or round handle cutouts for French door shutters, and single or double panels on circle and octagon windows. All of your choices will be presented at your in-home consultation.

Sunburst Shutters can create custom interior shutters for every type of window shape and style, including:

  • Arched

  • Circle

  • Semicircle

  • Octagon

  • Rake

  • Triangle

  • Sidelight

  • Palladian

  • French doors

  • Sliding glass doors

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