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Polywood cafe shutters above a kitchen sink

Window Treatment Ideas For The Whole House

Custom window treatments are one of the easiest and most dramatic ways to update the look of your home. There are many types of treatments and options to pick from. Many treatments can work on windows throughout your entire home. However, others have some limitations and/or are better suited for specific situations. To pick the perfect shutters, blinds, or shades, we’ve put together this guide of window treatment ideas for every room of your house.

Living Room Window Treatments 

green cellular shades in a living room
If you host guests in your living room, they’ll notice your windows. These are often the largest windows in your home and should be dressed to impress. Large living room windows can also pose some problems, like sun glare, cold drafts, and lack of privacy. 

To make a statement with your window treatments and get the ultimate combination of light control, energy efficiency, and privacy, opt for Polywood® plantation shutters. Their symmetrical lines and white paint look beautiful with all interior designs, and their solid faux wood panels and louvers let you block sunlight or redirect it where you want. Polywood shutters even come with weatherstripping for superior energy efficiency.  

Other living room window treatment options are energy-efficient and modern cellular shades or motorized roller shades. A cell shade’s pleated fabric forms pockets that trap air and prevent temperature transfer through large windows. And you can find cellular shades in many colors and patterns to coordinate with your decor. Motorized roller shades are great for tall windows that are impossible to reach. They also make control very easy through programmable settings and an easy-to-use remote control. 

Dining Room Window Treatments

woven shades in a dining room
Choose window treatments for your dining room based on how you use the space. If you use it primarily for entertaining and special occasions, something elegant like Roman shades or woven fiber shades will suit the room’s atmosphere. Roman shades add a soft, colorful accent to windows. Woven fiber shades add interesting texture and a hint of nature to the room. Both can be motorized if desired.

However, if you have family dinner in your dining room every night, use sturdy Ovation wood shutters or Polywood interior shutters. They can withstand the bumps of kids moving chairs around the table and the occasional food splatter. They also look beautiful when you do host the occasional dinner party. 

Kitchen Window Treatments 

modern faux wood blinds above a kitchen sink

When the kitchen is the hub of your home, it sees lots of traffic and messes. You need kitchen window treatments that will last through all the bustle of cooking and cleaning. Polywood interior shutters are the most durable window treatments. They resist water damage from cooking and dishwashing steam. And their modern white paint needs just a quick wipe with a damp cloth to clean food splatters. You can also opt for faux wood window blinds. While they don’t have quite the same longevity as Polywood shutters, their slats are made of a similar waterproof material. 

Bathroom Window Treatments

White polywood shutters above a white tub

Finding the right window treatments for a bathroom can be tricky because of moisture. For most half-baths, you can use any window blinds, shades, or shutters you like. If you have a tiny half-bath window or a specialty-shaped window like a circle or hexagon, custom interior shutters work best. You can get them to fit any size or shape window. 

Polywood shutters work best as full bathroom window treatments where the heat and humidity from bathing and showering can destroy wood and fabric treatments. Polywood’s engineered wood substitute is moisture-resistant. It won’t crack, split, or warp from humid air or water splashes. 

Bedroom Window Treatments

A bedroom with a bed and a window

The best bedroom window treatments complement your decor and help you get a good night’s rest. Any window shade style will work, and it’s easy to find shades in colors and patterns to coordinate with the rest of the room. Transitional or “Zebra” shades are very fashionable and offer a variety of light control. Another option is window shades with a blackout thickness to keep out light when you’re sleeping, such as cellular, roller, or woven shades. And for extra convenience, get motorized shades you can control with a remote from your bed. 

Bedroom window treatments for kids should never have cords. Instead, use cordless shades, blinds, or interior shutters. All interior shutters are cord-free, easy to clean, and strong enough to endure the rough handling of playful children. You can also put them in your room for exceptional light control, privacy, and noise reduction. 

Family Room Window Treatments

living room with roller shades

For your multi-function hang-out spot of the house, the right family room window treatment is usually functional rather than formal. That doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, however. Minimalist roller shades look casual but fashionable in a family room. They come in a variety of colors and patterns to complement or contrast your room design. They also offer a variety of opacities that range from a sheer/light filtering look to total room darkening.

Also consider interior shutters because they will look beautiful for decades no matter how hard your family plays. Choose crisp white Polywood shutters for some contemporary flair or hardwood shutters in a classic wood stain for a traditional look. 

Home Office Window Treatments

sheer shades in a teal color office setting

The best home office window treatments should help you stay productive by minimizing distractions and preventing sun glare on your computer. Motorized roller shades are a great choice for a home office, given the variety of colors, fabrics, and opacities. With a remote control on your desk, you’ll have total control over the shades. 

Interior shutters give you excellent control over sunlight and privacy. Close them to block outside distractions or tilt the louvers to the perfect angle to redirect sunlight off your screen or out of your eyes without closing them completely. And if you live on a noisy street, solid interior shutters will also muffle sounds. 

Playroom Window Treatments

Sheer white shades inside a large playroom
Playroom window treatments should be safe for kids. That means no cords. And while you can get cordless window blinds and shades, kids may still try to yank on these, hit them, or draw on them. Playrooms require tough window treatments like durable Polywood shutters. Their solid construction can stand up to rowdy playing, and their touch paint cleans up easily. Plus, their understated sophistication will still suit the room when the kids grow up and you need the space for something else.

Laundry Room Window Treatments 

A laundry room with washing machines

Save yourself some money on laundry room window treatments and use blinds here since they don’t have to be as durable as window treatments in busier rooms. You can open blinds for light when working in there and close them again to keep out prying eyes. Use moisture-proof faux wood blinds if your laundry room gets warm or steamy. Their slats won’t warp and crack over time like wood can in those conditions. 

Cellular shades are another easy solution for your laundry room. They provide privacy and a classic look.

Sunroom Window Treatments

sheer shades in a large sun room
Sunrooms get their name from their walls of windows that let in sunlight. But all that sunshine can get too bright and hot. Luckily, window treatments for sunrooms can help you control that light. If you want to enjoy the view without glare in your eyes, sheer window shades are a great option. They have louver-like inserts to redirect light and soft, sheer fabric you can see through even when they’re down. 

If you’re concerned about energy efficiency, no other window treatment will block hot UV rays like Polywood shutters. Their solid materials and patented weatherstripping prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer from your windows

Basement Window Treatments 

How do you use your basement? That answer will help you choose basement window treatments. If you use it as an entertainment room, interior shutters will keep out all but the slightest glow of light for movie night. Interior shutters are also perfect for egress windows because they’re easy to open if you need to use the window as an emergency exit. Plus, interior shutters look fashionable and help your basement feel homier.

On the other hand, blinds will do if you don’t spend much time in the basement and just need to cover the windows. But choose quality wood blinds or faux wood blinds for their durability. They’ll last a long time and won’t get stuck when you use them.

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