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White polywood shutters in a laundry room.

The Best Window Treatments For A Small Space

January 19, 2022

Small spaces in your home often have small windows. These windows don’t need large, flowing, or frilly window treatments that overwhelm them. Instead, use small space window treatments that are compact and simple, like minimalist roller shades, or attach directly to the window like a plantation shutter. Or, if your small space has a specialty-shaped window, use interior shutters that won’t hide your window’s unique shape when you close them.

Roller Shades Give Small Rooms Style Without All The Frills

 Brown roller shades in a small dining room.

If you have a small home office, mudroom, or spare bedroom with a small window, too much drapery can make the space and window look even smaller. A more minimalist window treatment that matches the proportions of the room and window will look much better. Sleek roller shades work perfectly in these cases. They cover your window with a sheet of fabric with no fussy embellishments, pleats, or ties. You can even choose cordless roller shades if you want a really clean look.

But don’t worry about your roller shades looking boring. You can find roller shades in an endless assortment of colors, patterns, and materials. Just because you’re putting them in a small room doesn’t mean they have to be bland. You can give a small space some style with colorful roller shades and never miss the frills of fancier window treatments.

Interior Shutters Fit Every Size And Shape Of Window

Hexagon white shutter window in a bathroom.

For an equally stylish but still simple look, try interior shutters for your small space window treatments. These louvered shutters attach to your window frame and come in premium hardwood or faux wood, so there’s no flowing drapery to clutter your small room. Some styles let you swing open the panels far enough that they lay flush against the wall. And while they come in neutral colors, interior shutters are anything but boring. Their solid construction makes them look like an architectural detail that dresses up even small, plain rooms with their understated elegance.

If you have a circle or octagon window in an area like a powder room, gable, or stair landing, most window treatments will hang down and hide its unique shape when closed. Shutters, on the other hand, are custom-built to the size and shape of your window. You can open and close the shutter panel and louvers without hiding your lovely window. And if your small space has a small window, you can pick between three different sizes of louvers to find one that fits the proportions of your window properly.

Durable Interior Shutters Work Great In Small Humid Rooms

Interior shutters are also great window treatments for a small space where fabric window treatments and blinds don’t work well. Some small rooms like laundry rooms and bathrooms get hot and humid. Window shades and curtains won’t last long there. Although premium hardwood shutters like Ovation® shutters are moisture-resistant, faux-wood Polywood® shutters are the best small space window treatments for wet, warm spaces. They never deteriorate from heat and moisture like other window treatment materials do. They last for decades and look beautiful the whole time.


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