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Custom Roller Shades

Roller shades, sometimes called “roller blinds,” are traditional window treatments that offer a sleek, streamlined look. At Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions, our custom roller shades come in various colors, styles, and opacities, letting homeowners create the perfect mood or ambiance. From single-piece, full-fabric options to modern, innovative designs, our custom roller shades for windows open up endless opportunities to transform your space. Schedule a free in-home design consultation with your local Sunburst Shutters experts, and see firsthand how you can complement your home decor with our gorgeous window shades.


Roller Shades in a modern bathroom

Benefits In Every Shade

Our custom roller shades help diffuse light in a contemporary and colorful way. We offer numerous options that can be tailored to provide any room in your home or office with the ideal amount of light filtering. Whichever color or opacity suits your needs, our design experts can help you select the ideal option that offers your home a stylish look with the most effective window treatment solution. Plus: our traditional roller shades come in corded, cordless, and motorized options.

Roller Shades Inspiration

Want to see how our Sunburst Shutters design experts can transform the look and feel of your space? Check out our custom roller shade design gallery below, and see our diverse window solutions in action! From homes to businesses, we pay careful attention to detail, ensuring your roller shades operate smoothly and look stunning!


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Incredible Options to Customize Your Window Treatments

At Sunburst Shutters, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to window treatments. Our roller shades come in a variety of options that you can mix and match for optimal functionality and an eye-catching design that will impress guests.

Opt for Your Ideal Color & Opacity

We have a wide variety of color options that can stand out and add a burst of color to your space or offer a more soothing, natural look. If you’re looking for room-darkening shades, you can choose more solid fabrics and room-darkening options. We also offer varying levels of opacity, so you can choose the perfect light diffusion that brings out that awe-worthy feel.

Choose Corded or Cordless Roller Shades

Opt for traditional, corded roller shades, or go cordless for an even sleeker look. Want to put control of your custom roller shades in the palm of your hand? Ask our design experts about our motorized shades options. When you motorize a roller shade, you get total freedom. Not only do you get the shades you want, but you have the ability to control them remotely and even program them. You can program your shades to open at a designated time every morning and close at a certain time every night. You can have them raise and lower throughout the day while you’re on vacation. Our motors can be hard wired, but most operate by batteries for added convenience in an existing home.

Add Flair With Hardware & Decorative Accents

Want to dress up your roller shades? Add natural wood or sleek metal accents for an eye-catching design. Our experts can add decorative trim, bottom rails, and scallop valances.


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Our plantation shutters are always in style. Customize them to give your home a modern or classic feel. Choose Ovation Wood Shutters for solid hardwood or Polywood Shutters for gorgeous, versatile window treatments. Many of our shades, such as Roller Shades or Transitional Zebra Shades, are also sleek and stylish options that offer incredible visual appeal.
Choosing the right window treatment can be difficult. Blinds, shades, plantation shutters — plenty of options are available. When choosing, consider the following:
  • your room's decor
  • how much control you want over the ability to filter light
  • privacy concerns
  • and energy efficiency.
Fortunately, you don't have to go it alone when deciding. Our experts can help you decide the best window treatments for your home during our free design consultation.
Window shades costs can vary greatly in price. There are more affordable options, such as traditional roller shades, or more expensive, high-style options, like our transitional zebra shades. The types of fabrics and other materials chosen, as well as motorization options, can add to the overall cost. Our Sunburst Shutters store offers a free in-home consultation to get an accurate quote on the shades and options you want.
Cleaning window shades can be cumbersome, depending on the style of shade chosen. For traditional types of shades, wiping with a dry microfiber cloth or careful vacuuming can help to keep them clean. Be careful to not get them wet.
Roller shades tend to be the most popular style of shades due to their many options for opacities, fabrics, and solid splashes of color. Plus, roller shades can be easier to clean than other types of window shades and tend to be the more affordable window coverings. The next most popular would be cellular or "cell" shades.
Any shade with a room-darkening option will do a great job of keeping the sun out. When choosing your style of window shades, consider more solid materials with less opacity.
Roller Blinds over a couch

Roller Shade Warranty Details

Like all window shades offered by Sunburst Shutters, our roller shades come with a warranty against any and all manufacturing defects in material, design, workmanship, and installation. Cords and mechanisms are covered for 3 years. Fabric and any motorization is covered for 5 years.

Roller Shades in a Dining Room

Roller Shade Installation Process

Proper roller shade installation is almost as important as the product itself—an improperly installed window treatment can be tough to open and can get damaged easily. Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions has a professional installation crew that comes to your home and installs your window treatment precisely, making sure that each one operates perfectly.

Our local store will call you to set up an installation day and time that works for your schedule. Before the installers arrive, you will need to have removed all old window treatments and move furniture out of the way. This makes it easy for our installation team to get right to work on your custom roller shades.

If you have any questions about product operation when we’re in the home, don’t hesitate to ask your installer, or you can always call the store.

Get Started On Your Custom Roller Shades

Schedule a free design consultation today, and transform your home with custom roller shades that accentuate your style and home decor. Call us at 877-786-2877 or complete the form below, and your local Sunburst Shutters will reach out to you to schedule an appointment.

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