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Polywood® Shutters are superior in product innovation, serving as America’s top-selling custom plantation shutters with over 10 million shutters sold. Polywood® Shutters are 100% custom-made in the USA and specifically engineered with a durable and recyclable solid wood substitute, so they won’t chip, crack, warp, or split.

With so many other benefits to love, such as being moisture resistant, fire resistant, and impervious to termites; no doubt the ultimate durability of the Polywood® Shutter stands the test of time over any other window covering. They even come with a complete 100% Lifetime Warranty.

Whether building a new home or diving into a home improvement project, upgrade with our industry-leading Polywood® Shutters and take your home to the next level!



The Polywood Shutter Insulating System Can Save You up to $1200 Through the Federal Energy Tax Credit

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Polywood® Shutters are unequivocally an ideal investment for those seeking to leverage longevity, turn-key functionality, and grand aesthetic with high-style versatility to complement any interior design decor.

One feature that sets Polywood® Shutters apart from other plantation shutters, and any other window covering, is that they are extruded with exclusive, patented weather stripping, adding another layer of window insulation. Also known as the Polywood® Shutter Insulating System, this window treatment is a game-changer for maximizing energy efficiency in any given space, lasting longer than traditional wood shutters and insulating up to 70% more efficiently. This system is part of what elevates Sunburst’s Polywood® Shutters above the competition, and it can lower heating and cooling costs by blocking up to 30 degrees of airflow that travels through windows. And Polywood shutters are now eligible for a 2024 federal tax credit of up to $1200!

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Unbelievable Benefits with Polywood®

At Sunburst Shutters, we’re committed to designing spectacular window coverings that transform your home. Our Polywood® plantation shutters deliver a stunning, luxury appeal that will outlast any other shutters. See how our top-of-the-line Polywood® Shutters can bring the smart engineering of durability, energy efficiency, and expert design to your home. Then schedule a free in-home design consultation with our Sunburst Shutters experts.

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  • Factory direct & custom fabrication
  • Polywood® Shutters are made from recyclable wood substitute and painted with patented non-toxic paint finishes that have been proven to be environmentally safe and below acceptable VOC emission levels
  • Completely manufactured in the USA with a contemporary process using minimal water and producing minimal waste
  • Hypoallergenic paint and materials
  • Moisture-resistant, fire-resistant, and impervious to termites
  • Weather-proof; ability to withstand extreme temperatures, thus preserves product from warping, chipping, and splitting
  • Superior energy-efficiency, turn-key functionality, and high-style aesthetic versatility to complement any interior design-decor
  • Guaranteed to outlast any other window treatment, such as vinyl shutters, blinds, shades, curtains, drapes, etc.
  • Baked-on paint finish; UL tested and UV stabilized to avoid discoloration
  • Extruded with an exclusively patented weatherstripping insulation, with the ability to block up to 30 degrees of outside temps, reducing energy costs
  • Up to 70% more energy-efficient than traditional wood shutters and 1600% more energy-efficient than aluminum mini-blinds
  • Has a 45.96% reduction in heat transfer
  • Constructed for maximum closure/narrow gaps to offer enhanced leverage of light and privacy
  • 3 louver sizes offered to achieve preferred interior mood & aesthetic ambiance within the given space
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  • Easy to maintain and clean; dust or wipe with a damp cloth
  • Stylish design without any unsightly cords
  • Designed to complement any interior design or home décor
  • Increase home’s resale value, providing a return on investment when a home is resold
  • Intrinsic curb appeal that transforms the look and feel of a home
  • Our specialists will help design the Polywood® plantation shutters of your dreams, guiding you through every step of the process
  • Friendly, professional installation with excellent care of your windows
  • Lifetime warranty on the craftsmanship, installation, and paint finish
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Design Your Own Polywood Shutters With Our Simple Online Tool

How would you like to design your own Polywood shutters from the comfort of your home? Now you can with Sunburst Shutters’ Shutter Designer. This convenient online tool lets you select the features you want and then shows you how they look together. Select the color, louver size, frame style, and louver control, and even change the wall color to match your own. Try as many combinations as you want! When you’re done, click the button to save your selections so you can share your design with us.


Polywood® Shutters Inspiration

See how our Polywood® Shutters enhance your home! Check out our gallery below, and see the results that our custom plantation shutters deliver. Our specialists custom-make Polywood® plantation shutters designed to fit any window shape or size and transform any space. At Sunburst Shutters, we believe in giving every window the treatment it deserves. Get inspired, and schedule your free in-home consultation today!

Customize Your Polywood® Shutters

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Finishes & Colors

Polywood® Shutters come in both smooth and wood grain finishes in three paint colors – snow white, off-white, and ultra white. Polywood is easy to clean – just dust it like furniture or clean smudges with a damp cloth.

Available In Two Finishes

Three Paint Selections

Polywood Shutter Louver Size

Louver Size

Polywood® Shutters louvers come in three different size options:

  • 4.5 for maximum view and minimum cleaning
  • 3.5 traditional plantation shutter size
  • 2.5 colonial style

Our experts consider the Polywood louver sizes you like best in designing your interior window shutters. They’ll discuss which of the shutter louver sizes fits the room’s style during your consultation and work with you to find the perfect fit for your home.

Shutters with traditional tilt rods

Tilt Rods

Sunburst Shutters offers traditional and hidden tilt rods. With either choice, you have the option of giving separate control to top and bottom louvers with a split tilt or using a divider rail.


Polywood Frame Style

Frame Styles

Polywood® Shutters offer a number of frames to fit your type of window. Visit our Window Treatment Designs & Ideas gallery to view our Frame Style options. You can choose from frames that mount inside the window, or frames that mount on the wall around the window opening. Your Sunburst Shutters specialist will show you the best Polywood® plantation shutter frame options for your windows.


Polywood Specialty Shaped

Sizes & Shapes

We never met a window we couldn’t handle. We can produce our interior shutters in any size or shape – arch, octagon, circle, radius top—you name it, we’ve already done it. All of our Polywood® Shutters are custom-designed to fit perfectly and work flawlessly. Explore all the plantation shutter sizes and shapes available.

Visit the Gallery to View More Polywood Sizes and Shapes→

Polywood shutters in dining room
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Lifetime Warranty

Sunburst’s Polywood Warranty covers any defects in manufacturing, finish, and installation for life. Our comprehensive warranty is backed by our extensive experience in the shutter industry since 1978. The Polywood® Shutter is so well-built that we rarely send out a repair crew. With all other types of window treatments, visits from a repair crew are common. That’s why we created Polywood, so you’ll never have to worry about your interior shutters. At Sunburst Shutters, we’re committed to treating your windows right the first time.

Polywood Shutters Lifetime Warranty document→

Polywood Shutters Installation

Polywood® Shutters Installation

Proper installation is almost as important as the product itself—an improperly installed custom window treatment can be tough to open and can get damaged easily. Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions has a professional installation crew that comes to your location and installs your Polywood® Shutters precisely, making sure that each one operates perfectly.

Our local store will call you to set up an installation day and time that works for your schedule. Before the installers arrive, you will need to remove all old window treatments and move furniture out of the way. This makes it easy for our installation team to get right to work on your new window treatments. If you have any questions about operating Polywood® Shutters, don’t hesitate to ask your installer, or you can always call the store.

Use our Find a Store search to find the Sunburst Shutters store or representative nearest you.

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