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Design Polywood® Shutters With Our New Shutter Designer!


With our plantation Shutter Designer, take the guesswork out of picking options for your Polywood® Shutters. Use our design tool to customize shutters for your home. Beyond providing a fantastic visual, it’s a great way to see how your customizations can complement and enhance your home, allowing you the ability to DIY shutters online from the comfort of your couch. Choose your shutter color, louver size, tilt options, and frame. Then, select your wall color so you can get a feel for how Polywood® Shutters will complement your windows. When you’re all done exploring our plantation Shutter Designer, download your DIY shutter design! Email your ideal Polywood® Shutters to us, and we’ll schedule a consultation for a free quote! 


Creating the Perfect Plantation Shutter With Our Shutter Designer

Our Shutter Designer is easy to use! Just select your options, and watch the interior shutter image on the left side update real-time. With just a few clicks, you can custom design shutters that accentuate your style.

  1. For each category (color, louver size, louver control, and frame style), select the circle below each option to see that option on the screen.

  2. For window sill, check whether you have a protruding sill piece along the bottom of your windows, or not. Typically, a window sill is a flat, shelf-like piece of trim made from either wood or marble that rests at the bottom of your window. Choose “with Sill,” if this applies to your windows, so you can best visualize your new interior shutters design.

  3. When you click on the box next to “wall color,” a field will pop up that allows you to click and drag until you find the appropriate paint color that best matches your interior.

  4. When finished, click “Download Selections,” and contact us or fill out the form!

Looking for a little guidance or insight into how to use this tool as a plantation shutter visualizer and see the best options? Check out these design tips:
  • Snow White is our most popular color.
  • 3.5” louvers narrowly edge out 4.5” louvers in requests.
  • Standard tilt rods are preferred for a rustic or more traditional decor and hidden tilts work best for a more modern home.
  • Divider rails and split tilt are exciting choices that let you keep the bottom louvers closed for privacy while tilting open the top louvers for light.
  • For frame style, if you have casing/trim around your window, go with the Decorative L, Flat L, or Standard L. If you don’t have casing, any frame style will work.
  • Looking for window treatments other than plantation shutters? Try our Window Treatment Visualizer instead and find the Sunburst Shutters blinds or shades that fits your room perfectly!

Found A Look You Love? We Can Order Your Custom Polywood® Shutters!

After clicking the “Download Selections” button, email us your DIY shutter design or fill out the form below. We’ll arrange a free design consultation to view shutter samples in person and finish your order. You can also call us at 877-786-2877 or fill out the following form to arrange a consultation. Explore our plantation Shutter Designer today, and then find out more about our industry-leading Polywood® Shutters!