Coastal beach living room

Coastal Window Treatment Design Tips

May 02, 2019

Living in a coastal area means that how you approach your home design will be a little different than homes in other parts of the country. Not only do coastal homes around here have a distinct style, but they’ll also have a few considerations that other homes might not have – especially when it comes to window treatments.

Here’s what you can do with your window treatments to make your coastal home look it's very best.

Preserve Your Views – And Your Privacy

Homes on the coast have some of the best views, and while you’d love to keep them open day and night, you also need to think about your privacy. Sheer blinds or draperies may be all the rage in some homes, but they’ll also let any random passersby see into your home. 

Plantation shutters in a coastal bedroom

Instead, try a more versatile window decor like plantation shutters, which give you tons of flexibility on both your view and your privacy. The tilting louvers offer a wide range of visibility, and the shutter panels themselves can swing fully open or shut, so you can adjust your privacy levels at different times of the day or based simply on your needs.

Don’t Let Salty Air Affect Your Windows

Coastal shutters in a living roomLiving on the coast means you’re all too familiar with salt water and the ocean air. Salty air can contribute to rust on your car, corrosion on metal patio furniture, and damage to your window treatments. For long-lasting functionality and looks, you need a window treatment that won’t hold moisture. Think faux wood, whether that means faux wood blinds or Polywood plantation shutters. Either window treatment will shrug off moisture, keeping your entire window treatment and frame free from mildew, corrosion, and musty scents. 

Keep Your Space Open, Keep Your Fashion Options Open

The ocean air isn’t all bad, though. One of the best feelings is opening up the windows to let the coastal breeze sweep through your home. To do that, you want a window treatment that won’t sway or blow wildly in the breeze. Stay away from light drapes or curtains that only hang from a top rod, and depending on how windy your area gets, blinds may even be a bad idea. Instead look for a more secure window treatment, like shutters.

Coastal beach living room with plantation shutters

Also, keep in mind how your decor might change over the next few years. Home design trends can change fairly often, and purchasing a stylistically versatile window covering can help your keep up with trends. Some window treatments that will probably stand the test of time better than others include:

  • Solid white interior shutters
  • Neutral tone roller shades
  • Faux wood blinds in neutral or earth tones

Get More Help For Your Coastal Home

For more help combatting salty ocean air, staying fashion-forward, or maintaining your beautiful coast views, Sunburst can help. Get in touch by calling 877-786-2877 or filling out the free consultation request form below. Let’s get your home looking even more beautiful than the views around it.