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How To Control Glare In A Home Office
July 27, 2021
Glare in a home office is distracting and causes eye strain. Use interior shutters, zebra shades, or top-down/bottom-up shades to cut glare for better productivity.
When To Use Layered Window Treatments
July 13, 2021
Layered window treatments do more than dress up a window. They give your windows better light control, energy efficiency, and privacy too.
How To Choose Your Window Treatment Color
June 30, 2021
How To Choose Your Window Treatment Color
How Does Weather Affect Interior Window Treatments?
June 21, 2021
Weather affects window treatments even though theyre inside. Learn how to beat the heat and cold with quality interior shutters and window shades.
How Do Zebra Shades Work?
June 8, 2021
Youve heard about these innovative window treatments, but how do zebra shades work? Heres what you should know about zebra shades and how to use them.
Custom-fitted vs. DIY Window Treatments: Which Are Better?
June 1, 2021
Custom-fitted vs. DIY window treatments--whats the difference? DIY might get your treatments up faster, but custom-fitted look better when installed by the pros.
The Best Window Treatments For A Rental Property Or Vacation Home
May 19, 2021
Durable Polywood shutters are the best window treatments for your rental property. They match your decor, clean up quickly, and withstand lots of use.
Small Bathroom Design Ideas To Make Your Space Look Larger
May 12, 2021
These small bathroom design ideas -- like plantation shutters, white walls, and tile -- will make your space seem larger and more pleasant.
What Are The Best Window Treatments for A New Construction Home
May 5, 2021
When you custom-build, you want the best window treatments in your new construction home to add the perfect finishing touch.
Window Treatment And Design Ideas For Tranquility and Peace
April 28, 2021
Feeling stressed? Create a relaxing home environment with these design tips for peaceful window treatments, colors, greenery, and decor.
What are the Best Window Treatments for a New Construction Home
April 14, 2021
When you custom-build, you want the best window treatments in your new construction home to add the perfect finishing touch.
What Are The Most Energy Efficient Window Treatments?
April 7, 2021
Heat loss through your windows can do a number on your energy bills. To combat heat loss, install the most energy-efficient window treatments available -- Polywood plantation shutters.
How To Create a Room Transformation With Your Window Treatments
March 31, 2021
Its easy to make a stunning room transformation with window treatments. Add a touch of color with shades or brighten things up with sunny plantation shutters.
Blinds vs. Shades: What Window Treatment Is Right For You
March 24, 2021
Should you buy a window blind or a window shade? Blinds are attractive to budget-conscious customers but they can get tangled up in cords and offer no energy efficiency. The right window shade can be cordless, colorful, and can block heat loss.
Octagon Window Shutters: The Best Window Treatment For Your Octagon Shaped Windows
March 17, 2021
Looking to cover your octagon windows? Learn why octagon window shutters can be the right choice for you.
How Long Do Window Treatment Trends Last?
March 9, 2021
How long do window treatment trends last? Some colored shades only last a few months, while more substantial treatments -- like Polywood plantation shutters -- can stay trendy forever.
Which Window Treatments Allow Light and Provide Privacy?
March 2, 2021
Are you looking for window treatments that allow light and provide privacy? Plantation shutters and sheers shades from Sunburst Shutters are smart choices for any home.
Interior Design And Window Treatment Trends For 2021
February 23, 2021
Say good-bye to 2020 and hello to a new year with these relaxing and convenient interior and window treatment design trends for 2021.
Why Install Top-Down/Bottom-Up Window Shades?
February 8, 2021
Most window shades lower from the bottom, but some also allow you to open them from the top. What are the advantages of a top-down/bottom-up window shade?
Best Minimalist Window Treatments
December 29, 2020
Minimalist design pairs simplicity with functionality. If thats the case, whats the best minimalist window treatments?