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Plantation shutters and drapes in a bedroom

How To Choose Bedroom Window Treatments

January 17, 2017

When looking for a window treatment for your bedroom privacy, light control, energy efficiency, color, and installation are key criteria to consider. What’s the best choice between blinds, shades, plantation shutters, and sliding barn doors? Here are 5 things to consider when choosing bedroom window treatments.


Privacy is the primary criteria for choosing bedroom window treatments. Blinds, shades, and drapes may provide an adequate screen from prying eyes. But their often thin material means shadows and silhouettes may still be visible.


Master bedroom with side windows


Plantation shutters and sliding barn doors, on the other hand, give you the most privacy. The solid louvers of plantation shutters can be tilted to close all the way. And bedroom shutters are mounted with a frame that ensures no gaps on the sides of the window. With sliding barn door shutters, you can slide the panels closed for full privacy.

Light Control

For all the times you want to sleep in, block out obnoxious street lights, or ignore the full moon, you need a bedroom window treatment that can block the most light. Nothing can block all of the light completely. Blinds, like shades and curtains, are not the best at keeping the room dark. Most of the material is thin. And the light still comes in from the sides.

Some shades may give you adequate room darkening, and some blackout curtains succeed in controlling the light. Sliding barn doors are made from solid wood panels that may block the light head-on, but the gap on the sides of the panels does not seal off all the light.

Plantation shutters are installed with a frame that seals off any sun rays. And their louvers tilt as flat as possible to minimize the light. Both Polywood® and Ovation® wood shutters have louvers that can block most of the light when closed. Sleep in any day of the week with these bedroom plantation shutters!


Plantation shutters in a kids bedroom


Energy Efficiency

Keeping the temperature in the bedroom pleasant for sleep all year round may be difficult with the wrong window treatment. You’ll want to look for a bedroom window treatment with a high energy efficiency rating.

Polywood shutters insulate 70% better than the equivalent wood shutters, and 1600% better than aluminum blinds. And third party testing shows that Polywood blocks up to 30° of outside temperature and reduces up to 45% of airflow. No other bedroom window treatment comes close. So if you want to stay toasty in bed in the winter and cool in the summer choose Polywood plantation shutters for your bedroom.


Bedroom window treatments come in several styles and colors to match your decor. For the warmth of wood, go with wood blinds, woven wood shades, Ovation wood shutters, or sliding barn door shutters. For a more modern look, Polywood plantation shutters, metal blinds, or cellular shades are a better option. Any of these bedroom window treatments can be customized with a selection of patterns, paints, stains, and more. Ask your window treatment professional about the color options available.


When you’re buying window treatments for your bedroom, buy quality. Blinds, shades, and draperies are susceptible to breaking, losing their integrity, and discoloration within 10 years or less. But Polywood plantation shutters are built to last a lifetime. They’re treated with UV inhibitors so that the paint color never fades. And our patented wood synthetic means their louvers will never warp or crack.

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