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Shop From Your Home With Sunburst Shutters® Virtual Design Consultation

Use Sunburst’s Virtual Design Consultation and shop from your own home. Our free consultation will help you shop for new custom window treatments for your home. See how our virtual window treatment design consultation from Sunburst Shutters works!

How It Works

Simply give us a call or request your consultation and we’ll set you up a virtual session with one of our specialists. In some instances, we can have a complimentary consultation right away or during a later date that works with your schedule. We’ll use a video app like FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc., so we can see you and your home throughout the whole consultation. *Please have a metal tape measure ready for the consultation.

Receive Personalized Advice From Our Team From The Comfort Of Your Home

During your virtual window treatment consultation, we’ll talk about your design essentials and suggest window treatment designs. Then, we’ll virtually go through your home together while you measure your windows. If you have any uncertainty about measuring your windows, we’ll be right there to assist you via video. The amount of time for your complimentary virtual consultation depends on the number of windows you have. Plan on at least 30 minutes, but that could be longer if you need new window treatments throughout your house.

Receive Your Quote For Your Custom Window Treatments

When your consultation is finished, we’ll prepare you with a quote for your new custom window treatments. You can purchase them right then if you’re ready.

Once you finalize your order, our US-based factory will custom-craft your shutters. Then we’ll schedule a time to install them for you when they’re ready. Soon you’ll have stunning window treatments without ever having to leave the comfort of your home!