Plantation shutters in living room

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Myths About Plantation Shutters And Other Window Treatments
April 21, 2022
We all think we know what a plantation shutter is and how it works. But what facts are actually true, and what are the interior shutter myths?
How To Pick The Best Bungalow Window Treatments
April 5, 2022
When you need bungalow window treatments, start with versatile interior shutters or roller shades and then customize them to suit your unique home and needs.
How Much Do Energy-efficient Window Treatments Matter?
March 17, 2022
How much do energy-efficient window treatments matter? Turns out, quite a bit. Here are the energy-efficient window treatments you should use and why.
Must-Try Window Treatments For Spanish Style Homes
March 15, 2022
Not all window treatments suit Spanish-style homes, but you cant go wrong with classic Polywood or hardwood interior shutters and colorful roller shades.
The Best Front Door Window Treatments
March 14, 2022
When you need front door window treatments for light control and privacy, nothing works better than interior shutters. Tumble shades and roller shades work great too!
Look For These Window Treatment And Interior Design Trends In 2022
February 22, 2022
Need inspiration for your home decor? Check out our favorite interior design and window treatment trends for 2022. Which ones will you try?
What To Know About Different Types Of Window Blinds
February 21, 2022
Different types of window blinds have different benefits to meet your unique needs. And then there are interior shutters that can do it all.
Do You Put Window Treatments On An Egress Window?
February 14, 2022
Yes, you can put window treatments on an egress window! Try custom interior shutters or roller shades for less light and more style on your basement windows.
How To Cover Your Craftsman Windows
January 28, 2022
Can you cover craftsman windows without hiding their beauty? Classic interior shutters let you find the right balance between tradition and style.
How to Open and Close Your Plantation Shutters
January 25, 2022
Here is a quick primer for how to open and close your plantation shutters from your friends at Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions.
How To Create A Multifunctional Room
January 21, 2022
From window treatments to paint colors, heres how to create a multifunctional room that works for your family and still looks great.
The Best Window Treatments For A Small Space
January 19, 2022
Don't overwhelm a small room with frilly drapes that make it feel cramped. Try compact roller shades or interior shutters for small space window treatments instead.
Do Cellular Shades Save Energy?
January 17, 2022
You might have heard that cellular shades are energy efficient. But do cellular shades save energy better than other window treatments or do you have better options?
The Best Commercial Window Treatments
December 1, 2021
Whether you run a shop, restaurant, or office, you want your business to look its best. So here are some commercial window treatments that look great.
Can I Use A Window Valance With Interior Shutters?
November 29, 2021
Can you hang a window valance over interior shutters? Are they still in style? Heres what you need to know about pairing valances with your louvered shutters.
Check Out These Houses With Shutters Before And After Their Transformations
November 8, 2021
Need some window treatment ideas? Use these plantation shutters before and after photos from Sunburst partners to inspire your next home makeover.
Coastal Window Treatment Design Tips
November 4, 2021
You dont have to live on the coast to have a home with coastal design. But what coastal window treatments should you use for your decor?
The Best Window Treatments For Maximalism
October 7, 2021
Maximalism is in and so are maximalist window treatments like colorful roller shades, insulating cellular shades, and versatile Polywood shutters.
Should You Put Window Treatments On Your Skylights?
October 6, 2021
Skylights let in natural light but can also be a source of heat and glare. Can you put window treatments on skylights? Absolutely. Heres how.
How To Brighten Up A Dark Room
October 4, 2021
No one likes living in a gloomy dark house. Heres how to brighten up a dark room with beautiful Polywood shutters and more ideas.