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3 Things To Know About Sunburst Arch Windows

May 16, 2017

Sunburst arch windows are so aesthetically pleasing, guests are sure to complement you about them. Whether you just bought the house or have been living there for decades, it’s time to get to know arched windows better. Here are three things you should know about sunburst arch windows.

Arched window in bedroom 

1. Why They’re Called “Sunburst Arch” Windows

Sunburst arch windows are named after the shape the window resembles: a burst of sun rays or a “sunburst.” The midpoint of the base is where the rays diverge. Some windows have grids to resemble a handful of rays across the glass. Some don’t. Either way, you’ll love the curve of the sunburst arch window.

2. They’re Often Placed Above Other Windows

Many sunburst arch windows are on top of rectangular windows. They may be part of the window. Or they can be detached, with wall space between the two.

The curved arch introduces a dramatic element to the room that a rectangular window by itself can’t deliver. The beautiful arch easily grabs your attention and brings a little sunshine to your day.

Arched window in living room 

3. There’s A Perfect Window Treatment For Arches (But Some Homeowners Don’t Realize It)

With the sunburst arch above another window, it becomes harder to reach. It’s one of the reasons homeowners don’t cover it with a window treatment.

When the window is left uncovered, natural light filters in freely through the window’s glass during the day. This leads to glare on your TV, smartphone, and other screens. It’s harder to enjoy watching your favorite TV show with a sunburst arch window in the room. And if the window is at eye level, it might even invite curious passersby to look in.

Traditional window treatments such as blinds and shades provide some privacy and light control. But their material may be too sheer to block light effectively.

Plantation shutters on the other hand are perfect for sunburst arch windows. They’re made from either hardwood or synthetic wood, both opaque materials to block light and give you ultimate privacy. Shutters look stunning across the sunburst arch window. And the shutter frame beautifully encases the window to highlight its curves—not cover it with an oversized rectangular treatment.

The shutter louvers are adjustable for varying degrees of light control. You can use a tilt rod to move all the louvers at once. Or if your shutters are arranged in fan top style, you can adjust each louver individually. That’s how sunburst arch shutters give you more control over your arched window than any other window treatment.

And when you have Polywood shutters installed on your sunburst arch windows, you’ve got the most energy-efficient shutter in America.

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