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Living room with plantation shutters

4 Ways To Make A Room Look Bigger

April 18, 2018

Large, open floor plans are seen everywhere from TV and magazines to Pinterest and blogs. You may want to have the airy feeling of a large, open space, but you don’t want to tear down any walls or start a large remodeling project.

Understanding how to make a room look bigger can keep your home on the light and airy side without involving demolition tools. And opening up your room only takes a few little changes to make a big impact. Here are four simple ways to make a room look larger.

Bright and airy room with polywood plantation shutters

Make A Room Look Bigger With Light

The first way to open up your room is to let as much natural light shine through your windows as possible. While bare windows let in the maximum light, many homeowners want a little more privacy. Consider using a window treatment like Polywood® Plantation Shutters. The large louvers of plantation shutters let in ample light during the day and give you privacy at night. You can also open up the panels completely to let the sun’s full light in.

Another trick with light is to use large mirrors to reflect light back into the room. You can position the mirror directly on a wall, on top of a fireplace or chest of drawers, or even put a freestanding mirror on the floor leaning against the wall. By placing the mirror either between two large windows or directly across from a window you’ll reflect the most light and give the illusion of more space.

Use The Right Color Palette To Visually Expand Your Room

Yellow painted living room with plantation shutters


Purple painted living room with plantation shutters 

Light, bright, airy, and neutral are the tones you want to showcase in any small room. A monochromatic palette with slightly varying shades of white, off-white, or light beige gives a subtle contrast while still keeping an airy feel. The reason these colors work so well is that light colors reflect more light, and a monochromatic scheme doesn’t chop up the space as much as contrasting colors.

You can also use light colors for your furnishings or window treatments. Shutters or window treatments that are the same shade as your wall or within the monochromatic palette you’ve chosen will help the colors blend together and expand the space.

Get A Leg Up On Furniture

Living room with cellular shades

Choosing the right furniture is important to making a room look bigger. One or two large pieces of furniture can often fit a smaller space better than three or four smaller pieces. Sleek furniture that is up on legs, like mid-century modern furniture, adds more space to a room by exposing some of the floor beneath it.

If you pull furniture away from the wall just slightly or position it at an angle then air can flow more freely around the piece and makes the room feel larger as well.

Add Accents To Trick The Eye

Wood blinds in a living room 

A room filled with lots of small knick-knacks can feel chaotic and cluttered. By strategically choosing a few key accents such as pillows or artwork, you can draw in the eye and add style with a minimal look. If you have a lot of smaller pieces you want to showcase, group them in collections, which trick the eye into seeing one larger piece.

Horizontal pieces like a single dangling light or tall shutters or horizontal blinds on windows can draw the eye up and make your room appear larger as well.

Ready For A More Open Space?

If you want to make a room look bigger by using shutters or learn about which window treatments work best to open up your space call 877-786-2877 to set up a free in-home consultation. Our professionals will be happy to assist you in finding the best look for your room.