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Motorized shades in a living room

Are Motorized Window Treatments Worth It?

October 06, 2020

Long before the home automation craze, homeowners had already bought into the convenience of motorized window treatments. The ability to easily raise and lower your treatments via remote control allows you to adjust your window’s privacy needs from the comfort of your couch. These motorized window treatments also will enable you to effectively cover and manage your large and hard to reach windows.

Now, with automation apps connecting lights, thermostats, and other household services together, the appeal for motorized window treatments has never been greater. However, are they worth the hype? 

Motorized shades in a modern living room 

How Do Motorized Window Treatments Work?

Motorized window shades use a relatively simple device. Battery-powered or hard-wired motors on each side of the window, installed by experts, give you the ability to raise, lower, and control window treatments with little effort. When you want privacy or need to block sun glare, simply push the remote control button to lower the shades. Then just use the remote to raise them again.

While motorized window treatments have always been popular, home automation has made them even more useful. Link the motorization into your smart home app and automatically raise or lower them based on a set schedule, like sunrise or sunset. Combine them with other smart items, like lights or thermostats, to set a scene. Imagine having the shades lower, the doors lock, and the lights turn off when you tell your home that it’s time for bed.

Motorized shades in a bedroom

The Top Reasons Homeowners Are Upgrading To Motorized Window Treatments

Synching your motorized window treatments to operate in harmony with your thermostat, smart lights, and entertainment system is just one reason they're growing in popularity. Here are just a few other reasons why you may want to switch to a motorized window shade.

  • They're much easier to control: Finding the perfect height for your shade is much easier with motorization because you have a more precise operation system. Gone are the days where you pull down the shade a little too far or resign yourself to a completely open shade.
  • You can control multiple treatments at once: With a tap on your smartphone or push of a button, you can control one shade or blind, or multiple window treatments simultaneously. Set the ambiance of the room instantly by adjusting all the window treatments at once.
  • They are the optimal solution for out-of-reach windows: When your home features rooms with extra tall ceilings and windows up too high to reach without a ladder, motorized window treatments are the best way to control them. Instead of using a pole or climbing up a ladder, motorization makes managing your window treatments much more accessible.
  • You may be able to reduce your energy bills: Some motorized window treatments, like cellular shades, can bring your windows a great deal of energy-efficiency. But they have to be down to work. Just quickly lower them if it’s too hot or cold, or combine them with your thermostat in your home automation system.
  • No worry about dangerous cords: Corded window treatments cause an issue if you have children and pets. Motorized window treatments take the cords away and leave you with a child-friendly covering.
  • Motorized window treatments look great: The top worry about motorized window treatments is if they look natural. Luckily, they appear just like any other window shade since the motorized pulleys are tiny and hidden. They are available in many different colors, styles, and materials, making it simple to integrate them with your home’s existing décor.
Motorized shades in a stairwell

Get Your Motorized Window Treatments From Sunburst

Sunburst has a wide selection of motorized products and can help you pick the right window treatment for your home. Our reps will show you samples, explain how they work, and how to connect your motorized window treatments to your favorite smart home app. Contact us today at (877) 786-2877 to schedule your in-home or virtual consultation.