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White polywood shutters in a dining room

Check Out These Houses With Shutters Before And After Their Transformations

November 08, 2021

It takes work to get your home design just right, but sometimes the simplest change can make the biggest impact. Installing custom interior shutters is one way to transform a room and tie a whole look together. They lend sophistication without being too formal and blend in with every decor scheme. Then there’s their incredible energy efficiency and light blocking abilities too.

So how much difference can interior shutters make in a room? Check out these plantation shutter before and after photos from some of Sunburst’s partners to inspire your next home makeover.


Learn How Interior Shutters Helped Transform A Playroom Into A Stylish Family Hangout

A modern farmhouse playroom with window blinds.

Versatile interior shutters look incredible in every room of the house. Kaycie Chiampi of Grey Birch Designs had an inviting playroom in the loft of her home but wanted to turn it into a cozy family hangout for her growing children. The old corded window blinds made the room look sloppy, but replacing the boring blinds with elegant Polywood® shutters helped the space feel more grown-up and put together.

A modern farmhouse living space with white Polywood shutters.

Polywood shutters are both classic and contemporary, like Kaycie’s modern farmhouse decor. When the playroom had blinds before, curtains helped dress up the windows. After the revamp, stunning Polywood shutters elevate this room without making it look formal. Their fresh white hue complements Kaycie’s farmhouse look and other popular home decor trends so that the family can keep them if they choose to redecorate in the future. And they look great whether open to let light in for reading or playing games or when they’re closed for movie night. 


Check Out These Gorgeous Living Room Plantation Shutters Before And After Photos

A living room with window blinds.

Buying a house is the perfect time to install custom window treatments and make yourself feel at home. When Brooke Morales of Brooke Morales Home moved into a new house, the living room’s high ceilings and arched entryway gave it plenty of character. But the window blinds didn’t live up to the potential of the room.

A cozy living room with Polywood shutters.

Brooke created a bright but cozy space using creamy neutrals and contrasting textures. On the windows, she paired crisp white Polywood shutters with oatmeal-colored curtains. The straight lines of the shutters contrast beautifully with the soft curtains and create some drama on the otherwise plain windows.

Brooke chose Polywood shutters for their money-saving energy efficiency. Polywood shutters have special weatherstripping that insulates your windows and can prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer. That means comfortable temperatures all year long!


See How Louvered Shutters Provide Privacy and Light Control In This Beautiful Sunroom

A dining room with bare windows.

Custom shutters come with many options to achieve the look and natural lighting you want. You can see this in the plantation shutters before and after photos from Nicole of Our Lake Point Farmhouse. Her home is a new build, and her sunroom dining room had bare windows before she partnered with Sunburst Shutters.

White polywood shutters in a dining room

Nicole chose shutters with a hidden tilt rod for a streamlined look that complements her boho farmhouse design and still lets her control light and privacy. With shutters, you can open the panels for full light or close everything for darkness and privacy. For filtered light, just angle the louvers to direct sunlight where you want it. You can even order shutters with a split tilt rod that lets you open half of the louvers and keep the rest closed.


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