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Plantation shutters on an exterior window

Home Improvements For Your Tax Refund

December 11, 2020

Another tax season is upon us again. But hopefully, that also means tax refund time! And if this is the case for you, you are probably trying to decide how to spend your tax refund.

One popular use for your tax refund is home improvements. Upgrades can improve your decor or provide a needed practical benefit. Items like energy-efficient plantation shutters or new showerheads in the bathroom can often make a one-time refund into a solid investment.

So whether you’re looking for something that’s simple and stylish or a project that’s large and everlasting, here are the top home improvements for your tax refund.

Plantation shutters in a family room 

Replace Old Window Treatments With Faux Wood Plantation Shutters

Replacing your old window treatments with quality faux wood plantation shutters -- like our Polywood® shutters -- is a great way to make a room pop. Their large louvers and classic framing blend perfectly with almost any design style and are a great way to direct natural light from dawn to dusk. The faux wood is easy to clean and maintain, and won’t ever fade, warp, chip, or yellow.

The energy-efficient quality of Polywood shutters also makes them a great investment. By curtailing heat loss through your windows, your rooms stay at the right temperature longer, meaning less strain on your thermostat. This keeps you comfortable all year long, as well as saves you money on your energy bills. In fact, it’s the added weather stripping that makes Polywood® Shutters the most energy-efficient window treatment on the market!

Plantation shutters in a kitchen

Spruce up the Kitchen with Energy-Efficient Appliances and Lights

If you're looking to use your tax return to make your home more energy-efficient, the kitchen is another area you can invest in. With a few one-time purchases, you can make your kitchen work better for your lifestyle. Pick the right home improvements, and you’ll even save money long after tax day.

Switching your kitchen appliances to a newer, more efficient model can be a smart home improvement for your tax return. Look for the Energy STAR label for the most efficient appliance or upgrade to a new refrigerator with modern smart tech built-in. Just remember to double-measure your new refrigerator to make sure it can fit in the same spot as your old one.

Another way to get both style and energy-efficiency is to change out the lighting fixtures. For example, you may want to switch out an outdated tray light fixture to efficient LED can lights. Or install under-the-counter lighting that’s either hard-wired into a switch or is enabled with a hand tap. Illuminating the counters makes it easier to prepare food, and can stop you from using the overhead light so much -- especially if your kitchen has window treatments that let in natural light.

Plantation shutters in a bathroom

Smaller Renovations For Smaller Tax Refunds

Even if your tax refund is on the smaller end, there are still some home improvements that are easy to accomplish:

  • Update your doorknobs and drawer handles: It's amazing how much new hardware can revitalize a room. The only difficulty is choosing from a seemingly infinite number of styles available.
  • Showerhead and faucets: Replacing a showerhead or bathroom faucet with something more luxurious can change your bathroom to a spa oasis. You can even find great-looking fixtures that conserve water -- some by as much as 20%.
  • Smart Home Automation Items: Automation is a great home improvement for your tax refund as it can help you save energy without disrupting your schedule. And all you have to do to get started is invest in your preferred voice-activated assistant and a couple of smart plugs.

Start Your Home Improvements With A Free In-home or Virtual Design Consult with Sunburst Shutters

If faux wood plantation shutters are on your home improvement checklist this tax season, you should turn to the experts at Sunburst Shutters. Schedule a free in-home or virtual design consultation, and we can show you how our Polywood shutters will give you a beautiful room while providing plenty of energy-efficiency. Call (877) 786-2877 today to get started.