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Window treatments in a family room
November 13, 2020

Window treatments do many things for your home. They add visual appeal to your windows. They block light and direct it where you want. And some can help your home’s energy efficiency. The trick is finding window treatments that do these things well. Follow these steps and recommendations to choose window treatments that do everything you need them to.

Plantation shutters window treatments 

Step 1) Choose Window Treatments That Match Your Decor

The right window treatments add the perfect finishing touch to a room. Window treatments come in a wide variety of styles to match every home. When shopping for window treatments, look for ones that match your decor but will also stand out.

For instance, consider plantation shutters, which go with all decorating and home architectural styles. Their clean lines and neutral colors complement every look while adding a unique feature to any room. Shutters can be customized to fit windows of all shapes and sizes too.

If you want a splash of color, try window shades. Shades come in countless colors, materials, and textures. You can choose from Roman shades, roller shades, woven shades, and more. With so many options, you’ll have no trouble finding a window shade that suits your tastes.

Ovation window treatments on a patio door

Step 2) Invest in Durable Window Treatments

If you want your window treatments to last a long time, invest in durable ones that stand up to daily wear and tear. They should be designed for longevity and constructed from quality materials. For homeowners who want durability, an interior shutter is the best option. 

Polywood® plantation shutters are made of a durable wood substitute with a baked-on finish that resists chips, cracks, warping, fading, and more. Their cordless design makes opening and closing their louvers easy so that your family isn’t tugging on strings. And they clean up quickly with a damp cloth. They have a longer lifespan than any other window treatment out there.

Ovation® wood shutters also last a long time. Made of water-sealed hardwood, they resist moisture damage. Unlike other wood shutters, Ovation shutters have both mortise & tenon and dowel joints for extra durability. Like Polywood shutters, they open with a tilt rod that the whole family can use effortlessly.

Chocolate colored window treatments

Step 3) Decide How Much Control You Need Over Light and Privacy

Above all else, window treatments should block or diffuse light. Before you choose window treatments, think about how much light comes through your windows and how much control you want of it. With that, take into account how much privacy you want from your window treatments.

If privacy is not a concern, sheer shades let in lots of light while softening the sun’s glare. If it’s total darkness you want, try blackout roller shades. Blackout shades have the highest opacity available to block outside light and prying eyes.

Plantation shutters offer a happy medium. When closed, they provide more privacy and darkness than other window treatments. If you want to see outside or let light in, you can open the shutter panels for a full view or just tilt open the louvers to let in filtered light.

Cellular shades window treatments

Consider Using Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

When in doubt, choose energy-efficient window treatments. These coverings insulate your windows and home from summer’s heat and winter’s cold. They keep your home comfortable and lower your energy bill. Two types of energy-efficient window treatments stand out: cellular shades and Polywood shutters.

Attractive cellular shades have fabric cells that fold up accordion-style when you pull the shade up. This unique design traps outside air and makes them the best insulating window shade around.

Polywood shutters have a unique design for energy efficiency too. Special weatherstripping blocks outside temperatures. This insulating system insulates windows up to 70% more efficiently than other window treatments.

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