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Guest bedroom with plantation shutters and curtains

Keys To A Perfect Guest Bedroom

April 18, 2018

Guests are coming, but is your guest bedroom ready? Here are four key tips to creating the perfect guest bedroom for your guests that says, “Welcome Home.”

Give Your Guest Room Comfortable Accommodations

Plantation shutters in a guest bedroom 

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If your guests have had a long day traveling then they’ll want to get a good night’s rest. Help your guests feel at home by providing freshly laundered sheets and linens. If your guests have children that won’t be sleeping in the bed, you can put an air mattress on the floor and make it more comfortable by adding a foam mattress topper. Provide extra pillows and linens in case your guests didn’t have room to pack them.

Keeping the room at a comfortable temperature will also help your guests relax. Adding an extra fan in the summer and extra blankets in the winter let your guests control how warm or cold they sleep.

Add Privacy For Your Guests

Guest room with Polywood shutters 

Offering privacy is another way to help your guests feel at home. You can add a simple door lock to your guest bedroom. That way guests can indicate that they need privacy simply by locking the door.

You can also offer your guests privacy from the outside by adding window treatments such as Polywood® plantation shutters or curtains that your guests can close completely.

Give Your Guest Room Light Control

Guest bedroom with ample lighting

Give your guests control over their space by letting them adjust the lighting in the room. Add window treatments like plantation shutters, blackout curtains, or shades so that they can easily darken their room at night and leave them open to see the view during the daytime.

Also, think about lighting options inside the room. If your guests have young kids, provide an inexpensive nightlight in case the kids wake up during the night. Place lamps on the nightstand that are within easy reach. And of course, don’t forget to dimly light the hallway if your guests need access to a bathroom at night.

Give Your Guest Room The Little Luxuries

Guest bedroom with Polywood shutters

It’s the little things that can help your guests feel at home. Here are a few ideas to help your guest room feel more welcoming:
  • Put a vase with a small arrangement of flowers on the dresser
  • Place some cushy towels and washcloths next to the bed
  • Leave a few water bottles in the room so your guests don’t have to make a trip to the kitchen if they get thirsty.
  • Have a small area where guests can charge their phones and digital devices
  • Leave a couple of empty hangers in the closet and an empty drawer or two to put smaller items in.

Looking for Window Treatments For The Perfect Guest Bedroom?

If you want your guests to feel at home, but don’t know which window treatments to use for your guest bedroom, give us a call at 877-786-2877 to schedule a free in-home consultation. Our professionals will help you find the right look for your guest bedroom or any room in your home.