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Plantation shutters in a family room

More Shutter Myths Exposed

May 02, 2019

We’ve debunked some shutter myths before. On our previous myth-busting spree, we tackled a few common misconceptions people have about interior shutters.

Well, the Sunburst team is back to set the record straight on a few more myths we’ve heard from shutter-buyers around the country. Let’s get started.

Myth: “Plantation Shutters Are For Southern Homes”

When some people hear the name “plantation shutters,” their minds stick to the image of a giant, sprawling southern mansion surrounded by fields. While it’s true that they owe their name to that location and time, plantation shutters were actually popular both way before and way after the Antebellum South.

Plantation shutters likely picked up that name just because they were in just about every house in the south back then. Because of their immense popularity there, due to their ability to block a huge amount of light and heat, as well as offering excellent views for those huge houses, the name just stuck.

Myths Plantation shutters

However, plantation shutters themselves can offer those same benefits to any type of home. Craftsman homes can use shutters, just as Tudor homes, Cape Cod houses, and even beach houses can.

Myth: “My Home Is Too Eclectic For Shutters”

Because plantation shutters saw so much use over time, some people may have gotten the impression that shutters look a little boring. We’ve heard a customer say before that their home was “too eclectic” for shutters, which was a big head-scratcher since shutters are the one window treatment that can match just about any style.

Plantation shutters in a sitting room

(Photo credit Jane Cunningham, Room Resolutions)

Shutters are so adaptable to any type of design, from chic and stylish to the cozy man cave. And don’t forget, there’s a reason shutters are still chosen all these years later: they don’t go out of style. Buy a set of the newest and most fashionable shades and they’ll likely be passed in 18 months. Shutters stay bright, bold, and beautiful year after year, especially when you choose premium Polywood plantation shutters.

Myth: “Shutters And Blinds Are Basically The Same”

For some reason, there’s a lot of confusion over the difference between shutters and blinds. Maybe it has to do with people confusing “slats” and “louvers,” or just the similarity in shape that causes the confusion. Either way, blinds and shutters really couldn’t be further apart on the window treatment spectrum. Here’s the basic breakdown of the battle of blinds vs. shutters.

What’s the difference?BlindsShutters
Can block out the whole windowNoYes
StructureDangles from cordSolid frame attached to the window jamb
LifetimeCan wear down or deteriorate after 3-5 years.Can easily last 20+ years.
Permanent or temporaryTemporaryPermanent
Increases home valueNoYes
Energy EfficiencyMinimalCan block up to 30 degrees of the outside temperature.
Specialty WindowsCan only fit rectangular windows.Can fit any specialty shape windows.
What are the horizontal parts called?SlatsLouvers

Myth: “All Window Treatments Are Similar In Energy Efficiency”

Like the “Blinds vs. Shutters” table above mentions, window treatments can vary tremendously on how energy efficient they are. The shape, material, and construction will all play a huge part in how energy efficient a window treatment can be.

On the lowest end of the spectrum, you have no window treatment whatsoever. Offering a tiny bit more energy efficiency are your typical off the shelf aluminum blinds. Up a little further on the spectrum lie draperies and heavier fabric window treatments. Getting into somewhat noticeable territory we have typical wood shutters and honeycomb shades, built to offer sun-blocking protection and heat reduction. But at the very top of the mountain are Polywood plantation shutters, built to both reflect and block outside temperature from moving through your window.

No More Shutter Myths

If you feel like you’re swimming in a sea of misinformation when it comes to window treatments, we can throw you a lifeline. Call your local Sunburst store today at 877-786-2877 to speak to one of our pros and set up a free in-home consultation to find your perfect shutter or window treatment today.