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White polywood shutters in a recreational room. Skylights are shown on the ceiling.

Should You Put Window Treatments On Your Skylights?

October 06, 2021

When a window is drafty or too sunny, you cover it with a window treatment. But what about skylights? Sure, they’re meant to brighten dark rooms with more natural light, but sometimes that light gets too hot, or a cold draft sneaks through. Can you put window treatments on skylights? And which styles work on them without awkwardly hanging from the ceiling? Here’s what you need to know about using window treatments on skylights.

Skylight Cellular Shades Reduce Temperature Transfer 

 Up close shot of cellular shades.

It may seem that gravity would make window treatments on skylights impossible, but window shades come in several styles designed for skylights. These shades come with frames that hold them in, so they align with your windows instead of hanging straight down into space. And for skylights that are too high to reach, you can find motorized shades that operate with a remote control or even your smartphone.

But what about the shade itself? For skylight window shades, cellular or honeycomb shades are a popular choice. They have fabric pleats that form cells similar to honeycomb and fold up accordion-style when you open the shade. Their structured construction works well on skylights and has the added benefit of some energy efficiency. Those cells trap air from your skylight before it enters your home and helps keep interior air inside. By preventing this temperature transfer, cellular shades help keep your home comfortable and make your HVAC system’s job easier.

Cellular shades come in many attractive colors and patterns to match your decor. You can choose different levels of opacity too. If your skylight lets in harsh UV rays and sun glare, pick blackout cellular shades. They will keep the sun out of your eyes and help keep your room cool.

Use Polywood Shutters To Control Light Levels

Close up of white polywood shutters.

If you don’t plan to open and close the window treatments on your skylights often, Polywood shutters are an elegant solution. These faux-wood louvered shutters look beautiful on every window. They work with every decor style and fit windows of all shapes and sizes, so you can put them on every window to match your skylights.

Polywood shutters give you the most control over light levels. Most people who put shutters on their skylights leave the louvers tilted open for partial light. That way, they can enjoy natural light without an intense glare or too much heat. However, Polywood shutters do this better than any other window treatment for skylights if you ever want to block most light and drafts. Their louvers close tightly to keep out nearly all light and outside air for maximum darkness and energy efficiency.

Polywood shutter owners also like how low maintenance they are. Shutters on skylights don’t get very dirty, but when you do need to dust them, a dry duster on an extended pole will do the trick.


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