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Simple Ways To Update Your Room

January 19, 2019

All those home renovation shows on HGTV makes renovating a room from the studs out seem so easy. After all, if the Property Brothers can completely overhaul an entire house in under 45 minutes, how hard can it be? Inspired, you grab your favorite design magazine and start drafting up quite an ambitious plan

However, once you look around, you find out that you actually like your house pretty much as it is. The lighting may be a little dated and the walls a bit drab, but this place doesn’t need a major remodel. It just needs an update — something to liven the place up. But, is a new wall color or window treatment enough?

Here are some simple ways you can update your rooms, no TV handyman required.

Paint Those Walls

One of the most striking ways to change the entire feel of a room is with a little paint. Color plays a huge role in how we perceive the world, and by swapping a cool grey with a soft yellow, you can make a formal living room into a much more casual area. For smaller rooms, try going with light colors which will reflect light and make the area seem larger. Even the right darker color can create a serene atmosphere, especially if you go with forest green or deep blue.

Room painted with red walls

Changing these walls from light grey to red can bring in some new warmth

A handy tip: before you decide on a color, pick up a sample can at the hardware store. Paint a small patch and live with it for a week or so to make sure that that is the right color for you. You may even want to paint a few more patches in different shades before you commit. Many people use white trim and white plantation shutters for accents so it’s easier to periodically change the wall color.

Add New Window Treatments

Often, you can refresh a room merely by addressing the natural light situation. If it seems dark and drab, see if your window treatments are doing more harm than good. Upgrading shades and blinds to plantation shutters can help you direct sunlight to exactly where it should go, highlighting your room’s natural beauty.

Room painted with brown walls

These shutters let the sunlight in through the day, and provides energy efficiency during the cold nights

When the glare becomes too much, you can leave them shut, knowing that your windows are now energy efficient. And with a quality faux-wood shutter, like Polywood®, your treatments won’t warp, chip or splinter, so you can concentrate your next refresh on replacing worn out lights, rugs, and wall colors.

Get A Rug

Sometimes the easiest way to renew a room is by switching what’s on your floors. You could install hardwood floors or fresh carpeting to give your rooms an entirely different look, but it’s definitely a major undertaking. For something simpler, try a new area rug to liven up the decor. Rugs can help define a space’s purpose, especially in large, open rooms that may have more than one use. There are endless patterns, colors, and styles you can choose from and an area rug can easily be switched out when your room needs another small sprucing-up.

Dining room with plantation shutters 

A new lighting fixture and rug can go a long way to modernize your design

Add Some Light

A quick refresh of the lighting structure can change the entire feel of a room. Swap out the outdated overhead light to a sleeker, more modern chandelier, and you give yourself a stylish focal point. If you need a more intimate atmosphere, try adding in some floor or table lamps. And don’t be afraid to completely change it up, as your dining table can have a much different presentation when you switch the bulky wagon wheel chandelier with streamlined pendants.

Start Your Room’s Update With Sunburst Shutters

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