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Sliding door shutters in dining room.

The Best Sliding Door Window Treatments

January 31, 2024

Sliding doors are wonderful features as they provide easy access to outdoor spaces and deliver an abundance of light into your home. However, covering them can be challenging due to their size and frequent use. You want something that offers light management, looks great with your decor, and won’t bang against the glass or get in the way. Interior shutters are easily the best sliding door window treatments. See why.

Make The Right Choice With Interior Shutters For Sliding Glass Doors

Interior window shutters for sliding glass doors in foyer.

A unique spot in your home calls for a special kind of window treatment. Interior shutters are the best option for sliding glass doors for various reasons. Here's why they make sense.

Durable Window Treatment Ideal For Frequent Use

Sliding glass doors get a lot of use, so you need a window treatment that’s up for the task. Interior shutters fit the bill. Polywood® shutters are the most resilient window treatment you can buy, as they won’t crack, warp, break, or fade in heavy sunlight. They’ll last as long as the door itself.

Say Goodbye To Cords And Flimsy Products

Are you tired of swaying vertical blinds or tugging drapes out of the way whenever you want to open the door? You won’t have to worry about cords, bulky materials, or flimsy products banging against the glass when you use interior shutters for sliding glass doors. They are strong, sturdy, and slide easily out of the way.

Enjoy Superior Light Management

Sliding doors bring in a wealth of light, and there may be times when you want something between full sunlight and total privacy. Interior shutters give you that choice. An easy tilt of the built-in louvers gives you the level of illumination you want. You can even use a divider rail and enjoy sunlight through the top while leaving the bottom half closed for privacy.

Improve Your Home’s Comfort And Appeal

The right sliding glass door window treatment has to be functional and long-lasting, but it also has to look good! Interior shutters deliver a timeless appeal that is perfect for any interior. Choose natural hardwood shutters to match existing decor or classic white Polywood to complement all designs. Plantation shutters look fantastic and offer the bonus of superior energy efficiency. They block hot sun rays and help keep your home at a consistent temperature.

How Do Sliding Door Window Treatments Work?

Sliding glass door window treatments interior view into patio.

When using interior shutters for sliding glass doors, you have a couple of options for functionality. Bypass sliding door shutters are recommended for their stability and smooth operation, but you can also use bi-fold shutters. Here’s a bit more about the two styles.

Bypass Sliding Door Shutters

Bypass shutters slide effortlessly on a fixed track. They move one before the other when you need to access your door. They usually have fewer panels than bi-fold shutters, providing a sleek, modern look.

Bi-fold Sliding Door Shutters

Bi-fold shutters fold out from the center and gather together to the sides of your sliding door. More shutter panels result in greater control of light, but the panels may sag slightly over time due to the effects of gravity. For this reason, bypass track shutters are preferred.

Find The Best Sliding Door Window Treatments At Sunburst

Get the perfect complement to your sliding glass door with interior shutters from Sunburst. You’ll love how they look and appreciate the superior light control, efficiency, and easy functionality. Call 877-786-2877 today to learn more or schedule your free, in-home consultation.