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The Most Common Window Treatment Buying Mistakes

May 06, 2019

Buying window treatments are an investment, in more ways than one. With the time and effort you put into making your home look its best, one mistake is all it takes for your interior design to disappoint. At that point, it can cost even more time or money to fix the mistake.

Instead of doubling down, savvy homeowners can prevent mistakes from ever happening by being more informed. Use these tips to avoid the most common mistakes people make when shopping for shutters or other window treatments.

Woven shutters in a dining room 

Mistake: Having Your Mind Set On One Product

Home design shows and social media are great places to get inspiration for your own home, but not every idea you see or hear will work in every home. You might have your heart set on bamboo shades in your kitchen, but if you live in a humid region and there’s lots of moisture in your kitchen, it is not such a great idea. You might end up with some mildewy shades in just a few short months.

Instead, be open to other options and products that can emulate a similar look to the one you have in mind. Also think about what you’re really wanting from your window treatment. Do you want bamboo shades because of their looks, natural material, or breezy style? There’s likely another product that can offer you similar looks, in addition to lasting longer and fitting easier in a budget.

Be sure to take full advantage of in-home consultations or estimates, just like Sunburst offers for all window treatments. It’s an invaluable resource that can help save a lot of headaches in the long run.

Plantation shutter consultation 

Mistake: Not Seeing Products in Your Own Home

On the topic of in-home consultations, seeing window treatment samples in your own space is a must. You take home swatches of paints in order to color match, so why would you try to “eyeball it” with other parts of your home? In addition to color matching, there are a few other reasons to see samples of window treatments in your home:

  • To see how much light the window treatment really blocks.
  • To learn how easy it is to open and close and adjust.
  • To make sure it flows well with the rest of your design.
  • To be sure it can be installed in or around your window frame without any issues.
  • To see the difference in size for blind slats or louvers for plantation shutters.

Remember, you can only see so much through a screen. And unlike furniture, you can usually see any window treatment in your home before buying. So why wouldn’t you take advantage of it?

Plantation shutters in a bedroom 

Mistake: Getting Measurements Wrong

We’ll be blunt: it’s very easy to get window measurements wrong, mainly because you do not always measure for the same thing. For some window treatments, you’ll want to just measure the dimensions of the glass. For others, you’ll need to measure the entire window frame and surrounding trim.

So what if you’re measuring windows that aren’t square or rectangular? You could take the complicated steps and do the math to get them exactly right, or you could just have your window treatment installer do it for you. No matter what window treatments you’re looking for, Sunburst always offers window measurements as part of our free in-home consultations.

Make No Mistake

When you’re ready to give your windows the treatment they deserve, we’ll be ready to help you make sure it goes as smoothly as possible. Talk to your local Sunburst Shutters location by calling 877-786-2877 .