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The Most Energy Efficient Shutters For Cold Weather

October 12, 2012

Did they name this season “fall” because temperatures start falling? This is a great time of year with fall colors, football, and fun holidays. For some, it gets too cold, too fast. Fall means winter is right around the corner. Some Midwest states have already had snow!

Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions can keep you warm this winter with a variety of energy-efficient window treatments. Windows are considered one of the leading sources of energy loss in a home. Even when you heat your home, colder air exists around your windows.

We have the solutions for you: insulating shutters for cold weather.

It starts with our Polywood Shutter Insulating System. They’ve been proven to block as much as 30 degrees of outside temperature from entering your home. This is due to their construction, the density of the material, unique paint finish, weather stripping features, and more. Polywood Shutters are the best at blocking outside temperatures. They were created by Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions as an insulating system, and are a beautiful treatment for your window.

Window film is another solution for your windows. It can block outside temperatures as well as it insulates the glass. Today’s window films are more durable and less room darkening than previous films.

So don’t worry about the colder weather, because there are energy-efficient shutters. Let your Sunburst rep show you products that insulate your windows and look great in your home. Then you can get back to enjoying fall… and winter.