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White Polywood shutters on several windows in a stylish living room

What Are The Best Window Treatment Options?

November 22, 2023

With so many different window treatment options on the market, how do you narrow down your choices enough to choose the right ones for your home? The answer is to consider window treatments that offer the most benefits. They should look attractive, give you control over light and privacy, and offer some insulation. With this in mind, you should look at motorized roller shades, Polywood shutters, and cellular shades. Each has fantastic capabilities as well as their own unique qualities.

Motorized Roller Shades Make Your Life Easier

Beige roller shades on several windows in a bedroom

Have you ever woken up because an outside light was shining straight into your bedroom? Or, you’re watching a movie in the afternoon, but the sun creates glare on the TV? It’s a drag to get up and fix the window treatment. Motorized roller shades solve these and similar problems. You operate them with a remote control or your smartphone. So, instead of walking across the room to close the shade, just push a button, and it will lower while you go back to sleep or keep watching your movie.

Motorized roller shades are a top window treatment option because they’re energy-efficient, too. Get them in a blackout thickness to block hot sunlight and cool drafts that come through your window. You can program smart motorized shades to automatically close during the hottest part of the day to keep your home cooler. And like other shades, motorized roller shades come in many colors and patterns that look beautiful on windows.

Polywood Shutters Offer Incomparable Durability And Coverage

White Polywood shutters on windows over a white bathtub

Polywood plantation shutters stand out as a solidly built, permanent window treatment option compared to window blinds and shades. Their unique construction gives them some great benefits, too. They truly become part of your house once installed on your windows, and their white paint suits every type of home decor. They’re strong and resist damage from things like water, heat, and mold that destroy other window treatments. They last for decades, no matter where you put them.

Polywood shutters also provide complete window coverage. Their solid materials and precise construction block all but the faintest glow of light when you close the shutter panels and louvers. They won’t sway in a breeze, so you can put them on French doors. And they’re perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms where you need total privacy. They also prevent up to 30 degrees of temperature transfer from windows, saving you money on energy costs.

Cellular Shades Combine Colorful Style With Energy Efficiency

Gray cellular shades in a great room

Everyone has different tastes. If you want an energy-efficient window treatment but prefer more color or a softer texture than interior shutters provide, consider cellular shades. These special window shades feature pleated fabric that folds up on itself when you pull up the shade. When you lower the shade, you can see geometric pockets of material that might remind you of a honeycomb. These pockets help trap much of the air that enters through your window before it changes your home’s interior temperature.

Those pleats also give cellular shades an interesting texture to beautify your windows. You can also add color. Cellular shades come in bright, bold colors and subtle neutrals to match home decor trends. You can even get them in many lovely patterns for more visual interest.

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