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What Are The Most Energy Efficient Window Treatments?

April 07, 2021

Your windows and doors are a leading culprit of heat loss for your home. They can account for hundreds of dollars in unnecessary energy costs throughout the year. However, it’s easy to reduce heat loss by choosing the right energy-efficient window treatments to cover your windows and sliding glass doors.

The Energy Troubles Of Glass Windows And Doors

One of the primary ways for windows and doors to lose heat is through their glass panes. The porous nature of glass allows heat to transfer through when there is a temperature difference between indoors and outdoors. The heat loss through your windows can be drastic on single-pane windows and makes your thermostat run extra hard to keep up. It can even be a problem on double-pane windows.

Heat loss can also occur through small leaks in the window frame between the glass and the window. Most window treatments don’t close at the edges, and air is able to escape through the sides. As your house ages and settles, you can feel the air escaping through the edges more and more.

Polywood shutters over a window.

Polywood® Shutters Are Designed For Optimal Energy Efficiency

When looking for a window treatment to block heat loss, your best bet is with quality faux wood plantation shutters. Unlike other window treatments -- like blinds or shades -- plantation shutters use a frame that encapsulates the window and prevents air from leaking out from the edges. Then the large louvers block a great deal of heat loss when closed shut.

Of course, the true energy-efficient connoisseur knows you need quality, solid faux wood to get the most from your shutters. Polywood® shutters are constructed from a solid polymer material that is engineered to reduce heat flow through the glass panes by 46% and blocks as much as 30 degrees of temperature difference from coming through your windows. Polywood® shutters even come with interlocking weatherstripping to seal any gapping between the panels.

Whether it’s keeping your home warm in the winter or cool in the summer, Polywood® works better than any other window treatment. In fact, Sunburst’s Polywood® shutters are up to 70% more energy-efficient than wood shutters and up to 1600% more energy-efficient than aluminum blinds. The faux wood is also moisture-resistant, meaning that its energy-efficient properties won’t diminish by any warping or cracking.

Specialty shaped windows with plantation shutters.

Plantation Shutters Give Energy Efficiency To Specialty Windows

One of the biggest problems with specialty windows like arches, ovals, and circles is that they are hard to cover. Add in the need for energy efficiency, and your choices become even slimmer. Luckily, faux wood shutters can be custom-crafted to fit any shape window. You get all the benefits of Polywood® for your specialty windows, including heat loss prevention. Polywood® shutters also can block that breeze you might feel through a closed sliding glass door.

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