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What Makes A Quality Window Shade?

April 24, 2024

No one buys window shades hoping to find a low-quality product. You want and deserve the best for your home. But what makes a quality window shade? Learn what to look for while shopping for window treatments to ensure you get the best window shades for your home.

Quality Window Shades Are Multi-functional

Green cellular shades in a green dining room
The best window shades do more than one job. They look beautiful and add style to a room. They give you privacy. They block or soften outside light. They can even protect your interior from UV rays and help make your windows more energy efficient. Before you buy window shades, first think about what you need them to do, and then start your search.

Quality Window Shades Are Easy To Use

 Tan cellular shades on windows and skylights in a blue living room

Everyone has used a cheap window shade or blind that they had to fight to open or close. Conversely, quality window shades are designed and built for ease of use. They move smoothly up and down without getting stuck or falling. For instance, Graber shades have Ultralite Lift options that let you open and close them with only the lightest touch. In this modern age, you can also find motorized and smart shades in many beautiful styles. Imagine how easy it would be to operate your shades with a button or your voice!

Quality Window Shades Are Custom-made

Not every shade will work for you. The best window treatments for your home fit your windows perfectly. That means you need custom-made shades. Custom products are made to accommodate the dimensions of your windows for superior operation and appearance. You can also choose customizations like color and pattern, operating system, opacity, and more, to create your ideal shade. Your one-of-a-kind window shades will blend in with your home and fit your lifestyle better than out-of-the-box options.

Quality Window Shades Are Durable

Gray Roman shades on bathroom windows

Quality begins with the materials used. Low-quality window shades are made with cheap fabric and flimsy hardware. They fray or tear easily, and their operating mechanisms break or fail in a short amount of time. You can often visually examine and feel a sample shade and tell if the materials and parts are well-made. High-quality shades will use strong fabric or natural fibers and finely-tuned mechanisms.

Before buying shades, check the warranty. A good warranty shows that the manufacturer and seller believe in the product and are willing to stand by it. They will make it right if you find a defect and ensure you still have a great shade. For example, the Graber limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturing defects for as long as the original purchaser owns the shades.

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