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Plantation shutters in a kitchen

What Room Should Get Plantation Shutters First?

September 11, 2020

Choosing plantation shutters for your home isn’t a difficult decision. They're stylish, insulating, and long-lasting. You can't wait to use them in your house every day. Even if you get every window in the house measured, you may want to order them a couple of rooms at a time to spread out the cost over time. The only question now is which rooms will get plantation shutters first?

The answer is different for every homeowner, but where do you need your new plantation shutters most? In other words, where are your problem rooms where shutters will solve the most problems? Here are some questions to help you decide where to start.

Plantation shutters in a bathroom window 

Where Do You Need More Light Control?

Do you have rooms you avoid sitting in because the sun shines in your eyes at certain times of the day? Or maybe it creates a glare when you're watching TV in your media room or working on the computer in your office?

Light control is a vital job of window coverings. You need to be able to block or let in sunlight as you please. Plantation shutters excel at this because their design allows you to close them tightly when needed and open them again when you want more light.

When deciding which rooms should get plantation shutters first, consider the rooms that you avoid at sunrise or sunset or the one where you enjoy your screen time. Your eyes will thank you!

Plantation shutters in a family room

Where Do You Need More Privacy?

Window treatments like plantation shutters don’t block just sunlight. They also block the peering eyes of passersby, helping you feel secure in your home. If you live on a busy street or spend a lot of time in rooms that face the road, your front room windows might be the best place for your first plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters family room

Where Do You Need Better Insulation?

One of the benefits of plantation shutters is that they are the most energy-efficient window treatments available, especially if you purchase Polywood® shutters. They block the heat from sunlight and keep comfortable interior air from leaking through your windows. Consider installing shutters first in rooms with large windows or older drafty windows that need more insulation.
Dark wood plantation shutters 

The right window treatments can lend style to any room. If you're planning on redecorating soon, consider installing your first plantation shutters where you need an updated look the most.

Both white Polywood and wood plantation shutters are easy to match with any decor. If your problem rooms are ones that lack aesthetic appeal, it might be time for a window treatment makeover.

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