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Polywood shutters on several bedroom windows

Whats Easier: Cleaning Plantation Shutters or Cleaning Blinds?

April 15, 2024

You expect your window treatments to block unwanted light, provide privacy, and look beautiful in your home. Is it too much to ask for easy-to-clean treatments, too? Not at all! You just have to choose the right ones. While some homeowners might want window blinds to avoid laundering fabric coverings, plantation shutters are infinitely easier to clean than blinds. Once you know how to clean these interior window shutters, you’ll never want any other window treatment again!

What To Know About Cleaning Window Blinds Vs. Cleaning Interior Shutters

A close up look at wood window blinds 

Anyone who has tried cleaning blinds knows it’s easier said than done. Flimsy aluminum or vinyl blind slats bend easily. If you aren’t careful, they can crease or break. Dusting or wiping every slat and working around the cords is also time-consuming.

Premium wood and faux wood blinds are easier to clean because they’re sturdier. Their slats won’t break from getting bumped around.

If you like the benefits of high-quality blinds, consider going with interior shutters instead. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they offer more perks than blinds and are much easier to clean. All shutter parts are solid materials that won’t bend or break easily while cleaning them. If you find a spot of particularly tough grime, you can rub it harder without harming the louver or frame. High-quality shutters also have tough paints and finishes that won’t come off easily with a damp rag.

How To Clean Interior Window Shutters

White Polywood shutters on kitchen windows 

Before cleaning your interior shutters, you must consider what they’re made of. Do you have hardwood shutters or ones made of a synthetic wood substitute like Polywood® shutters? Depending on your answer, here’s how to clean them:

Cleaning Hardwood Shutters

  1. Remove dust first. You can use a vacuum brush attachment to suck dust off each row of louvers and follow with a duster to get into small corners.
  2. If you find spots of stuck-on grime, try brushing it off with a small soft-bristled brush. If it’s still there, wet the brush with a little water and try again. Immediately dry the spot with a soft cloth once the grime is gone.

Cleaning Polywood Shutters

  1. Start by removing dust with a vacuum brush attachment or duster. If you use the vacuum attachment, go over tight spaces with a duster, too.
  2. Polywood shutters are waterproof, so you can use a damp cloth to wipe them down. Doing so helps you remove anything still stuck to your shutters after dusting. Use a soft brush with warm water for particularly tough gunk or grime.

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