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Exterior of a cape cod home

Window Treatments For Cape Cod Style Homes

March 17, 2017

When you hear the words “Cape Cod,” you probably conjure up images of shorelines, lighthouses, and other New England sights. You may also think of traditional Cape Cod homes, especially if you or someone you know has one. Cape Cods are known for their simplicity, history, and the challenge to make them stylish.

Don’t fear, though. With our help, you can find the perfect window treatments for a Cape Cod home that are fashion-forward while staying within the Cape Cod style.

Exterior of a cape cod style home  

What is a Cape Cod Style House?

As the name implies, Cape Cod-style homes originated in Massachusetts. Though the style is nearly centuries old, it’s undergone very little change in that time. These are just a few of the unique facets of Cape Cod homes.

Symmetry and Simplicity

The majority of Cape Cod home facades are almost completely symmetrical, meaning that from the center, one side looks like a mirror image of the other. You’ll usually see two front-facing windows on either side of the front door, equally spaced.

The exteriors of Cape Cod homes are also typically free of any ornamentation and are relatively simple compared to other home styles. This gives Cape Cod homes a simple, almost geometric aesthetic that has loads of charm and appeal.

Exterior of a cape cod home 

Traditional Siding, Roof, and Windows

Super-traditional Cape Cod houses will almost always have wood-shingled sides, although more modern takes on the style will feature stone or brick siding. Either way, the siding of Cape Cod homes will have a very natural feel.

Like Tudor homes, Cape Cod style homes are frequently found in New England and the northeast. Because of that, they’ll always have steeply slanted roofs to allow snow accumulation to easily drift off–making the roof a focal part of the exterior.

Cape Cod homes also make extensive use of multi-paned windows. Multiple panes on each window, combined with the symmetrical layout of the windows that’s almost always present, makes for an interesting home geometry in which your eyes are drawn to the clean, straight lines.

What Window Treatments Work Best in Cape Cod Homes?

When it comes to traditional, simple, and geometric, there’s one window treatment that comes to mind: plantation shutters.

Interior of a cape cod home 

Most Cape Cod style homes make a lot of use of white–in the trim, in the paint, and occasionally in the siding. That makes dazzling white Polywood® plantation shutters a fantastic addition to Cape Cod windows. Polywood looks just like natural wood–fitting in with the simple and traditional Cape Cod theme–but are completely waterproof and can last decades, perfect for the climate in the northeastern United States.

For homes where white isn’t a featured color, or where there’s less of a need for a moisture-proof shutter, Ovation® natural wood shutters are our top pick. The natural wood grain and color gives even more character and charm to a Cape Cod home, all the while accentuating the subtle geometry of the multi-paned windows.

No matter which style of interior shutter you choose, you’ll be able to take full advantage of the classic looks and simple charm of your Cape Cod home.

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