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Double hung plantation shutters

Should You Use Double-Hung Plantation Shutters?

August 14, 2020

Discovering the right shutter option for your home all comes down to what you’re looking for. Would you like more privacy? Are you looking for more control of the light from your windows? If you answered yes to either of these options, double-hung plantation shutters may be the perfect interior shutter option for you. Offering contemporary design and a variety of customizable options, these shutters can work perfectly for large or specialty windows.

Double hung shutters sitting room 

What Are Double-Hung Plantation Shutters?

Double-hung plantation shutters give your window display a little something extra. Instead of tall, two-panel shutters, double-hung plantation shutters (also called tier-on-tier shutters) are displayed as two sets of shutters stacked atop one another for a more versatile shading effect. Each separate shutter set is designed to let you open the top section of shutter panels independently from the lower section — which allows you more control over privacy and lighting.

Double-hung shutters work well for taller windows, especially those facing the street. Typically, you will open up the top tier to get the view and allow for sun exposure, but keep the bottom shutters closed for a more private retreat. Then, when you want an unfettered view, you can swing open up both tiers together.

Tier-on-tier shutters also work well when directing light by tilting the louvers. As the sun moves around during the day, you can completely shut the upper-tier to block sun glare, while angling the lower half to still bring in some natural light. Of course, if you use Polywood® plantation shutters, you can still get the same energy-efficiency benefits by shutting both tiers and keeping the louvers closed.

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Will Double-Hung Plantation Shutters Work in My Space?

Double-hung plantation shutters are a popular choice for road-facing windows, bay windows, bedroom windows, or family room windows where you would like the flexibility in the daily use of your shutters. The independent top and bottom panels give greater adjustability, offering an abundance of natural light without the limitation of privacy restrictions.

The key is to have tall enough windows to accommodate sets of shutter panels and that you have enough space to fold back at least the top-tier shutters. Double-hung shutters work in a variety of styles and are frequently used in Colonial, traditional, or farmhouse decors. For your views that should always be on display, you might want to consider double-hung shutters — especially if there are privacy concerns at the ground level.

Perfectly Balance Privacy And Natural Light With Double-Hung Shutters From Sunburst

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